The Impact Wikipedia has in the Online Community

Wikipedia is a widely used site, providing appropriate and quality information to all visitors to the site. It’s among the most visited sites, and it’s used in the analysis. The success of the site is based on your contribution. It’s an open source sourced website that allows edits from any Wikipedia user. When you make a Wiki page it isn’t just an entry in an online encyclopedia, it is also excellent and effective for branding and marketing. It’s usable by individuals, corporations, and all sort of organizations. Anyone can update a Wikipedia page which can be quite useful in branding and can work well for your company; however, some edits could be malicious. The Wikipedia management, however, shelters you or your business from any malicious edits to your  page through monitoring all Wikipedia edits in real time before they can be released to the sight of the entire world.

In the last election, John McCain’s announcement that Sarah Palin was his running mate, her Wikipedia page saw a lot of edits and served to polarize her and acknowledge the great things she had done. Could it be the trend today, in the coming election? With Hillary Clinton set to announce her VC in hours or days, could Wikipedia edits be useful in predicting the potential candidate?

Some of the Wikipedia pages that have seen most edits in the recent past include; the page of Ohio’s Senator Sherrod Brown, edited severally in the past week, that of Elizabeth Warren, senator from Massachusetts has also seen some edits this week; after an elevated number the earlier in the month when she toured with Clinton. The page of Julian Castro, the US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has received an average of 3 edits daily this week, that of Tom Vilsack, US Agricultural Secretary also saw about 30 edits, while that of Virginia senator, Tim Kane receiving 62 edits on Friday alone and over 90 edits throughout the week.

A Wikipedia page is a quite helpful marketing tool, hire a Wikipedia writer from a business such as Get Your Wiki today and change your brand story. Stories are best when told by another; a third parties perspective, it could be your customer or even your employee, but it sure does a great job for you. It’s also essential you read the requirements when learning how to make a Wikipedia page as well as the set guidelines for writing content on Wikipedia, for your page or edits you want to make.

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