How Fabletics has managed to attract Millions of Subscribers

Fabletics is a fast-rising athleisure wear brand that has specialized in the production and retail of high-quality products. The firm was founded in 2013 and has grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise that serves millions of clients across the United States. Fabletics has made a total income of over $235 million for the time that it has been in the industry. The company has been striving to the make customized products that are trendy and can meet the tastes of the clients. Kate Hudson has used the opinions that are offered by customers in developing outstanding business strategies for Fabletics. Many people in the U.S are frequent internet users, and therefore, they look for information about new products online before they purchase them. A huge percentage of consumers trusts client reviews that they read about a specific brand.


Successful businesses in various sectors allow customers to write reviews on their websites after they have used products or services. The remarks help new consumers who would like to acquire the company’s products to get reliable information about them. Enterprises that have built a positive reputation have a high probability of getting many new customers. The profitability of a company is significantly determined by the way that it interacts with its clients. Firms that are positively reviewed online are given high ratings by search engines, and this makes them easily visible when searched. Good remarks about a company motivate internet users to try its products.


Fabletics is one of the few corporations that have more than 85 percent return clients. This high number can be attributed to the excellent customer service that the company provides. The enterprise also gets many other subscribers through referrals that are given by individuals who have ever used its products. This indicates that the sales and profits of a business are significantly influenced by the reputation that it has set. In the past couple of years, a large number of people have been using review websites to get transparent information about various products that they wish to buy. There has been a change in consumer behavior, and the most trusted source of information has become crowdsourced reviews. The athleisure wear company’s management understands the importance of customer remarks, and it utilizes them in making business strategies.


Kate Hudson is dedicated to growing Fabletics into the United States’ leading online athleisure wear retailer. She is the face of the company and makes advertisement videos to inform the public about its products. Hudson is also on the management team of the enterprise and has assisted in developing strategies that enable it to succeed in the highly competitive sector. Fabletics is currently the industry’s cheapest manufacturer of personalized athleisure wear products. Its approaches have allowed it to attract over one million subscribers who buy its products monthly. The company’s brick-and-mortar stores have enabled it to reach clients who love shopping for products physically. The firm has opened over 30 stores and is committed to establishing more in the next couple of years.

How Fabletics has grown its Online Store

Fabletics in regarded as one of the fast-rising e-commerce companies in the United States. The firm has specialized in the provision of athleisure wear that is fashionable, stylish, quality, and affordable. Kate Hudson is the co-founder of the enterprise. She has managed to grow the firm in the past three years, and it is currently big enough to compete with larger businesses such as Amazon. Amazon was created before Fabletics, and it now controls over 20 percent of the online fashion market. The name athleisure is used to describe the products that it offers since they can be used for leisure and athletic undertakings. Fabletics has managed to attract more than one million subscribers within a short period. It offers high-quality products that can compete with renowned sportswear manufacturers like Lululemon and Athleta. The affordability of Fabletic’s products makes it a more appealing brand to the clients. The price of its products is half of what is charged by its main competitors.


Kate Hudson has ensured that her company is among the few that offer incredible after sales services. The subscription service of the company increases its popularity every day. Fabletics makes sure that it understands the preferences of all its clients, and this has allowed it to meet their diverse fashion needs. It offers a short survey that individuals are required to take when signing up. This enables its staff to understand what every client needs. The clothing line has VIP and regular membership packages. The two plans differ due to the privileges that the VIP subscribers enjoy. All members of the company are however offered unbeatable discounts for all the products that they purchase. The membership plan that is provided by Fabletics is popular due to its flexibility. Clients can skip months when they do not wish to buy products or unsubscribe from the service conveniently.


Fabletics uses great strategies in marketing and selling its products. Apart from the online shop, the firm had established more than 18 brick and mortar stores by the beginning of 2017. It plans to open 12 more physical stores in different cities across the country. The accessibility of the company’s products is highly increased by opening brick and mortar stores. About 50 percent of fashion shoppers think that it is convenient to buy clothes from an online shop since it is possible to know their real quality, texture, color, and size. Fabletics has made profits that total up to more than $250 million for the few years that it has been in business.


The activewear clothing line has adopted a marketing strategy that is called reverse showrooming. The plan involves welcoming people who browse for products on its online stores to visit its brick and mortar shops. The technique is viewed negatively by many businesses, but it has been highly successful. According to Hudson, companies that would like to grow their brands should develop excellent marketing methods. Reverse showrooming has significantly assisted Fabletics in increasing the number of subscribers on its online store.

Fabletics And The Thrill Of Finding A Unique Style

For some people, finding a very unique and interesting style is thrilling. However, this can be surprisingly rare in fashion. For one thing, people that take an interest in fashion often find that they are limited, especially if they have a creative mindset. Fortunately, there are efforts being made to push the boundaries of fashion for both men and women. There are stores that are testing new ideas in fashion. One of these stores is Fabletics, founded by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson. Fabletics brings a rare type of fashion to the public called ‘athleisure’.


Athleisure allows people to find some unique styles in athletic clothing. Among the new styles are athletic clothes that are fitted to specific body types. Therefore, the clothes not only fit better, but improve overall workout performance. Fabletics also has clothing that can be worn to parties and other social events. They are still made in the same material as athletic clothing. However, women are able to find their own unique styles. One thing that some fashionable women like is the chance to feel unique. Fabletics does not fail in bringing forth this opportunity.


Fabletics is one of the fastest growing brands in the TechStyle family. It is growing so fast that it is taking on Amazon. This is a huge accomplishment. For one thing, Amazon sales clothes from other companies while Fabletics has exclusive clothing. The online success of the brand has led to physical stores which people could visit. Therefore, they can do some more shopping and even try on some of the items that catch their interest.


These days, it is a lot easier to find a unique style. While it can be rather uncomfortable, people ultimately become even more confident once they get used to it. Fabletics provides women with that rush.


Fabletics and other brands of TechStyle have shown themselves to be very valuable when it comes to fashion. The creative team behind these brands are doing more than just keeping with the trends. They are actually influencing them. Among the people that are involved in the designs of clothing is Kimora Lee Simmons. She is a former model and has been involved in the fashion industry for a while. She has proven to be a major asset to the Fabletics brand. She has owned her own fashion brand, Baby Phat, where she has influenced the trends in fashion.