Bernardo Chua’s Amazing Product Everyone Should Have

Grapes originated from South West Asia and Mediterranean, but other regions of the world continue growing it, including Europe and America. The plant produces red, green, plus purple-black colored tiny fruits in bunches. Each fruit contains roughly three seeds.

The fruit, as well as the fruit’s seeds, have benefits for the health of humans. Learn more about Bernardo Chua: and

Grapeseed oil is usually extracted from full grape seeds. That extract has chemical compounds called Procyanidolic Oligomers, sometimes called PCOs. It’s a potent antioxidant known to be powerful than Vitamins E and C. The chemical compound can dissolve in water; it helps your body to contain free radicals.

Other compounds that are found in the extract of Grapeseed oil include Linoleic Acid, Vitamin E, flavonoids, and resveratrol. In addition to its properties of antioxidant, Grapeseed extract could be used in lots of ways in treating conditions that are affecting human beings worldwide.

One of Grapeseed oil supplement major manufacturers is Organo Gold. Bernardo Chua founded the company.

Some of the health benefits that make Bernardo Chua recommend Grapeseed Oil include:

  1. The supplement strengthens your immune system. Vitamin E that is found in the Grapeseed Oil stimulates the white blood cells production that helps your body to fight off cancer causing cells, foreign objects, and bacteria.
  2. It could be used in breast cancer treatment. It achieves that purpose by suppressing aromatase activities; the high level of this enzyme within your breast tissues can result in cancer. The large procyanidin dimers amounts act as an inhibitor of aromatase
  3. Grapeseed Oil has osteoporosis benefits, particularly in animals used for experiments. The extract treats bone debil.
  4. The oil hastens the healing of a wound. According to research done in the U.S., when you apply an extract of the Grapeseed oil on a wound it accelerates the wound contraction, closure, thus healing.
  5. There are chances of the extract having some antiviral properties. In the year 2002, a science research was conducted and revealed that proanthocyanidin found in the Grapeseed oil could down-regulate HIV-1 co receptors.
  6. Grapeseed oil benefits Anti-inflammatory that is platelets-dependent as well as anti-thrombotic properties.

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Bernardo Chua Recommends Grapeseed Oil As The Next Big Healthy Supplement

Imran Haque, Two of his Interests, and Who He Is

Imran Haque is a licensed, practicing internist – doctors who practice internal medicine – that is based in the Southeastern state of North Ramseur and Asheboro, North Carolina, at his self-owned practices, both sharing the name of Horizon Internal Medicine. Mr. Haque also works at two hospitals in this area of the Tar Heel state, Kindred Hospital in Greensboro and Randolph Hospital in Asheboro.

Dr. Imran Haque, MD – short for Medical Doctor, the most prestigious title a healthcare professional can retain – graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana, or the UNIBE, a Caribbean island-based medical school, in 1998. As soon as Dr. Imran Haque was done with that program, he emigrated to the United States, specifically the Southeastern portion, realizing it was one of the most underprivileged areas in the United States. As such, he went to the University of Virginia in hopes of completing his residency. Within his first few days there, he realized he wanted to work in internal medicine, similar to family medicine in that he sees all ages and types of patients, with each and every case outside of medicine refills equivalent to a detective’s crime scene, in which he must figure out what patients’ problems are.

Imran Haque finished the residential stay three years after his initiation, immediately moving to North Carolina to serve the many rural areas there. As many people are overweight in the Southeast, one of his main focuses in diabetes management. His team of diabetes experts plans out custom treatment plans for each and every patient, helping them best meet their goals.

Another one of Dr. Imran Haque’s focuses is minimally-invasive surgery, which could very well be aided with robotic assistance. Although his self-owned practices, Horizon Internal Medicine, don’t currently feature any robots in surgery, Imran Haque is unarguably an advocate of their potential and plans to purchase some in coming years.

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The Work of Aloha Restoration

Video 1 – Finished Basement Remodeling Aloha Restoration, Co. – The video looks at examples of basements remodeled by Aloha Restoration. The main gist is to show how they transform wasted space in your basement and to show you that Aloha is the company that can best do this for you.

Video 2 – Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Aloha Restoration, Co. – This video shows examples of bathrooms remodeled by Aloha Restoration. The main gist is to show how they can remodel bathrooms desperately in need of repair and how Aloha can best do this.

Video 3 – Water Mitigation Services & Water Damage Restoration Aloha Restoration, Co. – This video shows how Aloha is expert at helping you deal with water issues.

Aloha Restoration has a location that is headquartered in and services the Lake Zurich, Illinois area. This branch services homes throughout all of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin in need of remodeling and/or repair. It does contracting, siding, roofing, sub-contracting, roof contracting, and all manner of inside remodeling and repair, including helping resolve water damage. Aloha can handle virtually any damage repair in the house. And no remodel or repair job is too small or too big. They are fully licensed to do everything that they do. It is also fully staffed with a very capable and knowledgeable crew of claims specialists, field supervisors, managers, installers, inspectors, and office staff.

Aloha as a whole began as a very small company, but has grown astronomically throughout the years. But this did not last for long. It gradually got bigger and bigger, expanding much. It is today one of the most widely respected companies in its industry. Its character in the business world is full of gravitas. It has a huge reputation for excellence, integrity, and safety. If you live in Illinois or Southern Wisconsin, contact them today.


Cameron Clokie Changes Patients’ Lives in Canada Using Ground Breaking Procedure

In a groundbreaking surgery that only took four hours, Cameron Clokie, used a new procedure to coax the bone of a patient’s jaw to grow like it would in a baby. A patient named Peter Russel regrew a bone along his lower jaw to replace the one that he’d lost to a benign tumour.

Russel left hospital after two weeks with only a faint scar. The sensory nerve cut to remove his tumour also lead to numbness on his chin and lip.

Bloomberg revealed that Cameron Clokie is the first surgeon to encourage adult stem cells to grow into bones using protein. Clokie, who heads oral and Maxillilofacial surgery at University of Toronto, uses the technique to reconstruct the jaw by encouraging bones to grow as they would in new borns.

The patient then grows a bone that is identical to the one that they lost. So far, eight patients in Canada have undergone the procedure which is relatively new in reconstructive surgery.

The alternative to the procedure

Patients, who are not eligible for Clokie’s technique, have to undergo traditional surgery. An example is 20 year old Janine McFarlane who underwent an operation also to replace jaw tissue. Her treatment involved replacing the lost tissue with a bone removed from her shin.

McFarlane underwent a 19 hour surgery and recovered after two months. She also had a follow-up surgery to reconstruct her mandible so that dentists could give her artificial teeth.

What it all means

Cameron Clokie will ultimately help a lot of patients with the procedure. He intends to continue developing more BMP, the protein used to coax bone growth.

Currently, the BMP is derived from limb bones of cadavers which produce only a small amount of the protein. Clokie plans to produce more BMP by putting the gene in goat embryos so that it can be produced in large scale as milk.

About Cameron Clokie

Dr. Clokie has practiced and taught dentistry for several years. He has a Doctor of Dental Surgery and PhD in bone regenerations, from McGill University. He also worked as a Professor at the University of Toronto. He has conducted several studies and written many papers on regenerative surgery.

Dr. Scott Rocklage- The Pillar behind the US Healthcare Management System

Dr. Scott Rocklage is a health care management guru who is based in Boston, MA office. This reputation is based on his firm educational background. He is a holder of a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkley. He went further to acquire a Ph.D. in Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The doctor takes pride in his over 100 publications that have been reviewed. He has also spearheaded US patents in Chemistry.

His history in the industry dates way back to the year 1990 at Nycomed Salutar, Inc. where he held the position of the Chief Executive officer and the President for four years. While in this company, he also got a job at Nycomed Pharmaceuticals as the Chairman and President from 1992 to 1994 before leaving for Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. in July 1994. Here he served as the co-president until March 2001.

Later on, in 2003, the doctor decided to be a Venture Partner at 5 AM Ventures and became a managing partner in the year 2004.

The renowned medic was then in the year 2012 and was hired by Novira Therapeutics Inc. as the chairman. In 2013, he joined the board at Cidara Therapeutics and was the chairman. Owing to his vast experience and knowledge, Dr. Rocklage chaired various boards of various firms. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

They include Semprus BioSciences Corp, Rennovia Inc., and Kinestral. In July 2014 he joined Relypsa Inc. where he served as the Director until July 25th, 2016. He then moved to Epirus Biopharmaceuticals as the Chief Executive Officer for only two months before he was appointed the President and Chief Executive Officer at Amersham Health. He served simultaneously as the Co-President at Ilypsa.

At the moment, Dr. Rocklage still serves various companies and delivers diligently in all of them. He is the director of MDS Proteomics and a managing partner at 5 AM Venture Management LLC. The 65-year-old has managed to build a name for himself and is well praised by all the companies he has had the privilege to serve.

He believes in dedicating his knowledge and skills to ensure the betterment of the healthcare system in the world.

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Mark Hutchinson, the Conservationist Adventurer

Mark Hutchinson grew up in the localities of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and finally Sydney. He is credited to building an adventure company whose idea started soon after he had enrolled for a Bachelor of Economics degree. He began his own personal training company which he combined well with his jackarooing and his sojourns in Africa.


He started the Mission for the untamed with the sole objective of taking people closer to nature in the furthest of areas. He used to act as a guide by hosting groups of adventure seekers in safaris where he met his wife Sophie. He met his business partner, Anton Lategan, at an Eco-training course in South Africa. He rebranded his Ecotraining company to company Avana during his MBA studies at ISEAD Business School in France. The company later became a part of the Vocation Group IPO which had a disappointing ending. Learn more:

He later came up with the Wild Ark conservancy whose main objective is to buy, protect and restore valuable land and create a sustainable business to protect and encourage the continuation of such ecosystems. He is of the belief that humans need rewilding because it is something within them that they need to connect with. In 2016, he enrolled for a Masters in Conservation to improve his conservancy skills and knowledge. He connects to nature on a daily basis since he raises his family in both an urban and wild environment setup with access to both the ocean and bush. He also goes on trips to Africa and North America. Learn more:


Mark Hutchinson is fervent advocate of wildness areas of the world. His numerous business ventures have the aim of educating people about the wild. He owns and operates training and travel businesses to achieve his objectives. He launched WildArk in 2016 to protect the world’s biodiversity while reconnecting people with nature. Its first conservancy is in the Kruger Region of South Africa. Mark likes to spend his time in the bush or trekking in very remote areas of this world. He also loves surfing or going out to explore new wild frontiers with his young family. Learn more:


The Contribution of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin in Advocating for Civil, Human, and Migrants Rights

Amnesty International is a global non-governmental organization that is dedicated to advocating for human rights. With branches in different countries of the world, the main objective of Amnesty is to conduct research and campaign for the prevention and end of human rights violation and to demand justice for the victims.

Amnesty International has advocated for the human rights of migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers for several years. The organization works to ensure governments honor their responsibility to protect civil and human rights and condemn any policies that undermine human rights.

Amnesty’s I Welcome campaign calls on governments of all countries to welcome refugees and migrants into their countries. The organization believes that if a political will exists, the leaders can protect people fleeing war and persecution and offer them resettlement.

Amnesty also works towards reuniting family members who have been separated during the conflict and offers them work or study visas or to help them start a new life. The refugees are given a chance to live in decent homes, go to school, and access health care facilities. The young girls are also saved from sexual assault and early marriages. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Amnesty International also fights for civil rights by advocating for the freedom of expression. The ‘free speech’ slogan is present in almost all constitutions in the world, but it only remains paper work yet to be implemented in many countries. Most often, governments arrest people for speaking out. Amnesty International is advocating for this to end.

The organization advocates for people’s right to receive, seek, and share ideas and information without fear or favor. The organization educates the community on justice and the need to exercise their democratic rights such as freedom of expression without fear of government interference. Amnesty International defends and supports those who speak out both for themselves and for others.

The organization works with community workers, journalists, teachers, people who promote reproductive rights, and indigenous people who are fighting for their land rights.

Amnesty International has campaigned all over the world for thousands of prisoners of conscience who have not advocated violence but have been arrested because of who they are; could be their race, gender, ethnicity, or religious beliefs. Read more: Phoenix New Time

The organization is also advocating for all laws that criminalize people who speak out to be abolished and for people to have access to information. It also protects individual human rights activists who face torture or death.

Another agency that is helping spread the human rights flag is The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This organization which is owned by Jim and Michael of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times has dedicated settlement money received from a suit they filed against Sheriff Joe Arpaio to finance organizations that advocate for migrant rights in Arizona.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin won the appeal in the United States Court of Appeals. It was the Ninth Circuit. Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is used to fund groups that advocate for civil, human, and migrant rights participation in Arizona and the Mexican border.

Mike Baur Changes the Game For Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur maybe changing the way that people look at the concept of starting a business. He is a PowerPoint entrepreneur that has paved the way for many people that have come through his Swiss startup Factory. This is one of the things that Mike Baur was passionate about. He has been in the banking industry for decades, but he had become a bit restless with this profession. He wanted to do something that was going to make a greater difference in the lives of entrepreneurs that will be starting businesses.


He did not know exactly where he will start, but he knew that there would be a level of interest in helping entrepreneurs build the best possible business structure because he had already witnessed the way that entrepreneurs tried it to start their businesses. He knew that entrepreneurs were having a hard time with building a business structure when they didn’t have the money to do this. That is why he took a chance to create the Swiss Startup Factory and develop the 360 acceleration program.


Mike Baur knew that there would be a possibility for entrepreneurs to get a better grasp on how they could get venture capitalists to invest in the business if they could not get any loans directly from the bank. Mike Baur needed a quality business ideal to maximize their exposure and build a potential consumer base. Many entrepreneurs are so focused on capturing the attention of the customers, but they pay little time to court the venture capitalist. What Mike has done is give entrepreneurs a better chance to follow those capitalists that may be interested in funding a business. His way of doing this has come through his connection to a whole new world of innovative methods to show entrepreneurs about sales forecasting, inventory management, cost of operations planning and marketing.


He has a group of mentors and coaches in place that can help people understand how important it is to know about different aspects of business. Entrepreneurs will often have a limited ideal of the business that they own. They may have some idea about how advertising works, but they may have no idea about how they should do their financial planning. They may be great at economics and supply and demand, but they may have no fortitude for advertising. This is why Mike Baur has helped entrepreneurs build their businesses.


How Logan Stout Is Creating Awareness On Health And Wellness Through IDLife

Logan Stout is a serial entrepreneur, leadership trainer, keynote speaker, and a best-selling author. Stout has an excellent track of team building and leadership. He is the brains behind IDLife, which is a health and wellness venture founded in 2014.

Logan as an Author

As he pursued his career in business, Logan was committed to enabling others to acquire the right leadership skills. In 2013, he wrote a book to inspire those who are passionate about using their gifts. The book was titled “Stout Advice: The Secrets of Building Yourself, People and Teams.” Serial entrepreneurs like Shark Tank’s Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran endorsed the book.

Logan partnered with John Maxwell, who is a motivational speaker, to bring personal development and leadership training to 196 countries worldwide. John published an article on Inc. Magazine that recognized Logan as the Most Popular Leadership Expert in the World. He believes that Logan’s thoughts can add value to one’s life. He urges people to read Logan’s book and implement his principles.


Besides IDLife, Logan Stout is also the brains behind the Dallas Patriot baseball organization. As the CEO of the organization, he mentors young and ambitious youths. Dallas Patriot currently ranks among the largest sports organizations in the world. It is renowned for enabling talented young people to access coaching, training, and advice from experts.

About IDLife

IDLife is supported by partners, such as Darwin Deason, a business tycoon, Jen Wilderstorm, a celebrity trainer, and Troy Aikman. The company works with its partners, fitness ambassadors, and recognized authors to emancipate people on the significance of health and wellness. For the last three years, IDLife has also been focusing on providing high-quality nutritional products. Due to its efforts to promote wellness, the company was listed among the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies in the world.

Logan believes that for a business venture to be successful, it must have the right people involved. He is also certain that productivity in any entrepreneurial venture can only be achieved if the employees are competent. ID Life’s success can be attributed to its staff that comprises of self-driven and proficient individuals.

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Tammy Mazzocco Works Her Plan So That Her Plans Work

Tammy Mazzocco is a residential real estate professional in Pickerington, Ohio which is located just Southwest of Columbus, Ohio. She works hard at her business, but she has a plan which she follows to the letter, and it works.

She started her real estate career as a secretary for a commercial real estate company where she learned to be organized and follow through. Eventually, she decided to switch to the sales side of the equation so she could potentially make more income. That was a very good decision because Tammy has carved a very good career for herself.

Tammy likes to work by setting daily goals, and then breaking them down into smaller units so that they are easier to accomplish. It is easier to eat the cake when the pieces are smaller. Tammy has a good work ethic because she knows what she has to do to get good results.

Tammy likes to arrive at her office early so she can get all of the busy work out of the way. Things like filing, handling email and other mundane office duties can be taken care of early without distraction. Then she can get on the phone or get out of the office to show houses to prospects. She likes to say that nothing happens in the real estate business until you get out and are showing houses. Check out Groovescapes to know more.

The process of bonding with clients is very important in real estate, and Tammy is an expert in this category. She has answers for people who want to know about schools, shopping, neighborhoods, restaurants, financing, and taxes. People do business with people that they like, and Tammy works hard at creating that atmosphere.

Tammy likes to make people comfortable, and when that happens, she gets a sale. People are very uncertain most of the time when they are looking for a new house, and Tammy makes it comfortable to do business, and it works.