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Busy lifestyles, advanced technology, accessibility of the Internet and an increasing dependence on social media on a day-to-day basis creates the perfect climate for UnFranchise Business Owners to thrive. The goal of Market America is to know and understand the marketplace in order to personalize customer service, save time and money while fulfilling individual needs and wants.

Market America offers shoppers a wide variety of goods. In addition to their own exclusive brands, there are many well-known partner stores offering millions of products. Through SHOP.COM, customers have access to popular retailers like Best Buy, Target, Bloomingdales, Apple, Gap and many more.

Over the past 24 years, Market America offered high quality merchandise that exceeded consumer expectation. The company’s exclusive lines range from health, nutrition and skin care to pet care products including dietary supplements and grooming goods for dogs and cats. The company is able to identify the latest consumer trends and provide customized products with personalized service.

A recent article in the French Tribune featured Jim Winkler, Vice President of Sales for Market America. He focused on tips and tools for a successful Market America UnFranchise business. Winkler noted that revenue growth has been increasing each year and the company is standing on strong ground with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. He believes that the right attitude and a willingness to go the extra mile are key business traits and together with Market America’s proven plan with clear vision and strength will lead to a successful outcome. With unique Market America products, the right attitude, knowledge and a company that values each UnFranhise owner, there is the potential for financial security.

SahmAdrangi Uses KerrisdaleTo Disseminate Vital Business Information

Kerrisdale Capital Management is said to have raised about $ 100 million, money that has allegedly rooted from investors. The funds are meant to be betting cash against a stock that is well familiar to the reporter who reached out with the information to Reuters. According to reports, the current funds that originated from a partner are a co-investment schemes that appears to be special in many ways. It is projected that managers of hedge fund are always quick to put money to certain investment risks. Some investments focus on recovering distressed energy companies. Others focus on saving residential and mortgaged-backed securities.


Being a small firm, Kerrisdale is focused on spending the funds to short stocks. In an email SahmAdrangi addressed the issue by stating that the amount was raised in a short time frame. The firm has taken over a company that is barely worth $ 10 billion. He states that it is important for investors to be in the loop. With Shane Wilson, the duo focused on future campaigns, report generation, website development and video. The preparation is with the aim of convincing other on the thesis and developed work. In mid-May, the target firm will be announced. This information was released on privacy. The fund continues to purchase stock in order to establish the position of operating.


SahmAdrangi is a prominent investor. He owns Kerrisdale Capital Management. Since 2009, he has been a huge part of the company growth. When he was launching the company, it was worth $ 1 million. Presently, the firm is worth $ 150 million. Adrangi is also known for his talent in writing. His works have been published to encourage investors in decision making. Adrangi offers advice on stocks and the generation of market shares in different businesses. Often, the market is misunderstood.


Adrangi has been working with his team to disseminate the right information concerning investment and the future of business. The foundation he has established has easily helped many investors. Kerrisdale is known for sharing vital data on the growth of industries and companies. In the present years, Adrangi has thrived on his focus on Kerrisdale’s development and the factors affecting the firm.


Dr. Samdi’s Sunday Housecall

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Dr. David Samadi in September 2017, is staring in a new online show, Sunday Housecall. The show will be broadcast live. To watch Sunday Housecall, it can be streamed on Youtube, Twitter or Facebook. Episodes can also be viewed on The show will discuss current medical stories and healthcare issues. Tips for staying healthy will also be given by Dr. Samadi throughout the season. Who holds a seat on the chairman board of urology, professor of urology at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ of Medicine and Chief of robotic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. Dr. Samadi also works as a medical corrspondent for a show on the Fox New Channel called Medical A-Team. He is chief medical correspondent for am970 in New York City.

Due to the devastation of that was left by the Iranian Revolution, Dr. David Samadi and his brother fled Iran where they were born and raised until 1979. After arriving in the United States of America, Dr. Samadi attended high school continuing his education. He attended college on a full ride scholarship and earned his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry in 1994 from Stony Brook Univesity School of Medicine, becoming a doctor.

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Dr. Samadi will have several health experts to make appearances each week on Sunday Housecall. The show is expected to gain more viewers each week. Each week the show’s guest will be speaking about each of their individual physical and mental heath. Some segments will feature Dr. David Samadi discussing exercise and nutrition. Viewers will be able to call in to the show live and have their health questions answered. There will be a wide range of information provided to viewers including men’s health, women’s health, sexual health and disease prevention.

Dr. Samadi welcomes and medical professional that has a medical product or treatment that has been peer-reviewed to appear on his show as he is looking for health specialist to appear as guest. Dr. Samadi is also interested in Authors of wellness books. If Dr. Samadi is not able to take a call, there will be medical professionals on hand to answer all questions from callers.


Anti-Defamation League

If you want to talk about a civil rights organization that grapples for the plight of Jewish people, then the Anti-Defamation League is a good subject for conversation.

Being pro-Zionist, they affirm that anything that is anti-Israel is anti-Semitic. This is a disputable idea, because there are plenty of pro-Jewish views out there that are either anti-Zionist or just neutral on the matter of Zionism. Not every individual who identifies as being Jewish agrees with Zionism and what is currently going in in the Middle East in Israel’s favor. There was an episode of “Broad City,” a comedy show on Comedy Central, that poked fun at Zionism.

For those who don’t know what “Broad City” is, it is a light-hearted, positive, “feminist” show about two young, college aged Jewish women living in New York. They go through their silly, realistic, comical, sometimes exaggerated experiences as they hang out, positively embrace their common Jewish heritage and grow up. In one episode, they go on a “Return” trip to Israel.

Their trip to Israel doesn’t turn out well as planned, and they end up coming back to New York. Once they come back to New York, they make a resolution to go to a falafal restaurant in the city, saying that it is “better than the real thing.”

The point of this episode runs along the lines of saying that Zionism and Israel aren’t the end-all-be-all, and that now other places are the homes of the Jews, not just Israel. Jewish identity as a Jew in a place that isn’t Israel is just as valid, important and full of substance as a Jewish identity of being a Jew in Israel. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The whole point of explaining this episode of “Broad City” is that there are many views on the gamut of Judaism, and even though the Anti-Defamation League has certain views, that doesn’t mean that they speak for every single Jewish person—even if they claim to do that.

Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey take note of the fact that there are human beings roving through the deserts between America and Mexico, desperate for safe havens and supportive communities. These people need help to fulfill various levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. What is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? It is a triangle of needs that looks kind of like the older versions of the American government’s food pyramid. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

On the bottom of the triangle are the most immediate, basic needs. These types of needs have to do with procuring shelter, food, water and warmth. On the top of the triangle are the needs that come after the most immediate physical needs that are just as important, but are not as necessary for immediate survival.

These needs include emotional support, friendships, relationships, a sense of fulfillment and a sense of community. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey give support to organizations that fulfill each level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for immigrants.

What Betsy DeVos Did With $139 Million In Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos, the wife of Dick DeVos became the 11th US Education Secretary after Donald Trump won the 2016 election, and DeVos was chosen because she possesses a keen understanding of what it takes to provide a conducive learning atmosphere and structured operations to schools. She became co-chair of The Windquest Group, a company that she and her husband Dick DeVos Jr. founded 27 years ago prior to her current office. She also headed up the DeVos Foundation which has given over $139 million in charity according to a report on MLive. Just where did it all start though?


Betsy DeVos comes from a business-minded but very generous family from Grand Rapids, MI. Her father was the now-deceased Edgar Prince who built Prince Corporation, and her mother Elsa Prince often spoke on educational and family values as she grew up, and Betsy certainly took them to heart. Her first political activism and volunteer activities took place on the campus of Calvin College where she got her degree, and she continued them as she became a mother of several children and ran a business full-time. Two of the first private schools that she and Dick supported with their $139 million were Potter’s House and Grand Rapids Christian Academy. Later on she helped open a charter school at the Gerald Ford Airport that taught students aviation as well as other mechanical sciences and computer technology.


Dick and Betsy DeVos have also given to other endeavors besides education including the University of Maryland’s Arts Management Institute which is located at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. They also support ArtPrize, an independent art competition in Grand Rapids that gives out thousands of dollars to art works based on a panel of judges’ determinations. Betsy DeVos also has given to local churches as well as mega churches such as Willow Creek Association and Mars Hill Bible Fellowship.


Betsy DeVos has been involved in the Michigan Republican party for years all the way back to when she served as a delegate during primary election periods, and then in 1996 she became the party chairwoman. After her first term as chairwoman, she resigned because she believed she was merely the party mouthpiece and wanted to do more to promote grassroots activism in the party. She returned to chairwoman in 2003 and began to start more fundraising events backing important candidates throughout the years, including later Dick’s run for governor in 2006. After initially being a major critic of former candidate Trump in the 2016 primaries, she accepted his offer after the election to become the US Education Secretary.


To learn more about Betsy DeVos, visit

Goettl Air Conditioning is a Prime Example Where Honesty and Hard Work Pay Off

When Adam and Gust Goettl forme Goettl Air Conditioning in 1932 they probably never dreamed that the company would grow in size covering four major cities and a territory covering three states. The Goettl brothers introduced evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning technology to the arid reaches of the desert surrounding Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas.

Over the years, Goettl Air Conditioning Served countless families covering four to five generations. People came to respect the company for its outstanding customer service and fair pricing. Although the company changed hands from time to time, most owners kept up the theme of good service, reliable products and a friendly demeanor that overcame lots of obstacles.

In the late nineties Goettl was purchased by a large national management company and the situation began to deteriorate fairly rapidly. Giving the management company the benefit of the doubt, they did try to work things to the best of their ability. It is just that it is difficult to run the day-to-day functions from afar when it comes to customers who need a hands-on decision.

It ended up being a real fiasco with angry customers and frustrated employees. Customer service was at an all-time low and employees did not have the right means available to fix what needed to be done.

In 2013 Ken Goodrich bought Goettle and it was one of those “just in time” scenarios. Goodrich had a career where he purchased companies that were in need of help and he was able to bring them back into profitability. One of the first things he initiated was a 100 percent money-back guarantee on all products serviced, sold, or installed. He then began to hold individual meetings with customers and employees to solve the problems one by one.

At first it seemed like an impossible task, but he was eventually able to delegate the process and after a time things began to turn around. He got the company involved in civic affairs in all of the locations, Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas. An example was when Goettl donated 50,000 cases of water to the homeless during a particularly hot spell in Phoenix.

Today, Goettl has annual revenues in the $50 million range so Goodrich knew exactly what he was doing.

According to BizJournals, another great decision was when Goodrich acquired Walton’s Heating and Air in Southern California. Walton’s specialty was with commercial HVAC and Goettl has worked largely in residential. Combining the two disciplines together has been a real blessing as business has increased tenfold. Check out his Facebook page to know more.

The Importance of Personal Cyber Security – Don’t be a Victim

Just how much do you trust your computer’s security? Or perhaps you just assume that you could never be the target of a cyber attack? Well, think again.


Today, hackers are releasing malware en masse and taking hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide hostage at a go. You, too, could be the victim of such attacks, but you don’t have to. How? Just observe personal cyber security.


The Importance of Personal Cyber Security


The world has recently been sensitized on the importance of cyber security by the large-scale cyber attacks that have affected countries all over the world. Businesses and individuals alike have been the victims of these attacks.


While businesses are taking steps to protect themselves against such attacks in the future, individuals are not doing enough. Here are some reasons why you should consider improving your personal cyber security:


The threat is growing


Cyber attacks have become more common nowadays than they were in the past. Most are conducted by amateurs snooping around trying to see your personal data, but others are executed by coordinated hackers with greater capability.


The aftermath is terrible


Malware have become more complex today as computer technology evolves and improves. If left to run its course, malware can devastate your data base and destroy and expose all of your content. In some cases, hackers infect your devices and hold your data hostage until you pay a ransom. In any case, the results are terrible and attacks are set to get even more severe in the future.


It won’t stop any time soon


Hackers are becoming bolder as their tools become more sophisticated. Business is booming for them as digitization accelerates all over the world. To this end, attacks are expected to increase in both numbers and severity in the coming years.


Stay Safe – Try Rubica


You don’t have to be a tech expert to avoid the threat posed by cyber attacks. Rubica promises to keep all your data and connections secure from cyber attacks. All the work is done by IT experts sourced from top organizations such as NSA, and all you have to do is download the Rubica app for all of your devices.

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Amicus Therapeutics Hot Stock Selection

Rare and orphan diseases can sometimes be a particularly disheartening segment of medical research because of the limited amount of organizations and companies looking into such things. However, it is important to stay positive about those who are blessed enough to make efforts in that direction, and Amicus Therapeutics in one such company that has encouraging results. Lysosomal storage diseases have been a particularly promising niche in that regard as well (WeeklyOpinion).


There are three primary programs which Amicus Therapeutics focuses on in order to make a difference in patient lives ( There is the Fabry Disease Program, Epidermolysis Program, and the Pompe Disease Program. Through these and some other preclinical programs, the company has a development pipeline which is quite promising with things like Migalastat (trade name Galafold) and other enzyme replacement therapies (ERTs) being continuously worked on. Amicus Therapeutics has had some setbacks as could often be expected in any such a program that is at complicated as theirs, and they have been fortunate to receive help from such organizations as the Michael J. Fox Foundation so that they can continue to stay in positive territory.

Amicus has acquired competitor Callidus Biopharma and Scioderm while also working in cooperation with the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation to push the envelope further in that direction as well. The company continues to be a strong buy for those hoping to invest in stocks with a potential to return well. They are continuing to work with the FDA in order to get Migalastat (trade name Galafold) to market, and if and when they are finally able to release that to consumers with confidence that it does what they are saying it does then the holding will probably soar high. The ticker on the NASDAQ is FOLD, and there are many other reasons to check out this buy if the money is there to make the investment. The company is doing important work that should leave the planet a better place when they are able to fully release these type of treatment programs to the public increasing the overall health of rare and orphan disease carriers.

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The Way Osteo Relief Institute Is Handling Arthritis

Only a few details are known about arthritis, but its causes remain a mystery. Statistics indicate that more than 50 million grown-ups within the United States of America have some type of arthritis which is approximated to be over 100 kinds. The majority of people think it is only a single disease. However, arthritis is a term that is applied to describe a joint disease or joint pain.

Most people who have Arthritis are those who are old. Women form the larger part of the patients. Degenerative joint disease or referred as osteoarthritis is the most well-known kind of Arthritis and is featured by tearing of the soft tissues between the joints. After the Arthritis tears away, bones rub on each other and cause pain, swelling, and stiffness.

Osteo Relief Institute is an institution in healthcare which is situated in New Jersey. The health institution usually gives services to the bigger Monmouth County. It has additionally extended to different regions of the United States to serve the maximum number of people possible. The essential objective of Osteo Relief Institute is to give treatment to patients who have arthritis particularly the one that affects the knee (Manta).

Osteo Relief Institute establishment initially puts the patients via an intensive assessment process which encourages the patient to comprehend the correct state of their infirmity. More so, they get trained on different types of treatment that they should go for. As per Osteo Relief Institute, arthritis speed can be controlled if patients can be devoted to managing it (

Establishing a day-to-day routine where patients do exercise can be much helpful. Patients are also advised on various forms of exercises that could jostle their joints, for example, bouncing or running. Before one sets out on disease treatment at Osteo Relief Institute, they are offered the chance to counsel with their doctors.

In the endeavor of guaranteeing that patients get the best restorative care, Osteo Relief Institute has vigorously invested in modern equipment and technology. With such technology, it just takes a shorter time to recognize painful joints and physicians are also able to use the most recommended treatments.


Eli Gershkovitch, CEO of Steamworks Craft Breweries Is A Role Model To Aspiring Youth

Most beer lovers would agree that Craft Beer has a personal definition when it comes to taste and preference. A good example would be Craft Beer, a drink that roots from multiple brands. Craft Beer has a historical root that extends to multiple brands. The Brewers Association defines Craft Beer as a leading brand given the statistics that crop from clients. Presently, Craft Beer is in the good books of U.S. history. With over 20,000 brands, the company has vastly penetrated the market. Having over 2,000 craft breweries in the industry this company is basically the major beer supplier in America.




For a company that is doing that well, Craft Beer was not built on one day. It took the leaders the courage and determination to overcome adversities. Despite the challenges, there have been many success stories. By having a strong support system from beer lovers, Craft Beer has succeeded in establishing a strong marketing platform. In fact, most Americans would agree that this is an industrious company when it comes to production.




Like any successful organization, Craft Beer thrives in excellent leadership. That is why Eli Gershkovitch is fondly praised in the industry. His career in law was short lived when he developed a special liking for entrepreneurship. That is how he formed Beer Craft, a company that is now his major success story. Eli’s input has contributed to the company’s stellar reputation. As a good leader, Eli Gershkovitch believes that team work is the main facilitator for success. In the beer championship, Eli was recognized for his input. He was a top contender in Open Beer Championship.



Eli Gershkovitch managed to drag Canadian craft beer to the competition. Since 1995, Eli has been work on progress. His career has progressively evolved through different stages because of his tremendous input at work. In the current generation, Eli Gershkovitch has established an admirable platform for business (Twitter). Coupling it with commitment, Eli Gershkovitch is a force to reckon with. He is a good example of how the youth can diversify career into different interests. Eli Gershkovitch is a role model to many aspiring youths. For Craft Beer, the future has a lot to offer to clients.