Amanda Morgan-Taylor Becomes CEO Of Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare positions itself as a leader in the United Kingdom’s healthcare industry. At present, the company runs 20 locations for residents who require long-term care. Specialists can take care of a resident’s needs onsite and can provide the basic and specific needs that individuals require. Sussex Healthcare also plans each resident’s daily quality of life for best treatments.

The provider offers support services that address the mental, emotional, and physical needs of each resident. As such, patients can look forward to receiving care that optimizes their health at every level. Sussex also provides care-giver services that are available 24/7, and train to give loving care for patients who are at life’s end. These types of services are often specialized and add value to the patient’s quality of life no matter what their condition. Amanda Morgan-Taylor recently signed on as CEO.

This move signals Sussex Healthcare’s commitment to continually improving its operations. She brings a great deal of experience and knowledge to the company. Her forte involves managing healthcare organizations that have gone through difficult transition periods. She also has a list of excellent contacts and business stakeholders that she can rely on. Her mission is to offer quality services that will serve as the cornerstone of the company’s success. Sussex Healthcare offers numerous health services tailored to meet the needs of the elderly and disabled.

Many of those who choose the agency are unable to live in their homes unassisted. As a result, the healthcare agency trains its staff members in the very latest techniques to care for people with special needs. Training helps employees to deliver social and group activities that also speak to the mental health and well-being of each client. Amanda Morgan-Taylor’s company addresses learning disabilities, neurological care, senior citizen care, and dementia care.

Practitioners are also trained to care for people with mental impairments and Alzheimer’s disease. Both patients and family members know that their loved ones will be well cared for at a Sussex facility. Physical therapy sessions for patients, in modern gym settings, can help each patient reach their therapeutic potential.

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