How Fabletics has managed to attract Millions of Subscribers

Fabletics is a fast-rising athleisure wear brand that has specialized in the production and retail of high-quality products. The firm was founded in 2013 and has grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise that serves millions of clients across the United States. Fabletics has made a total income of over $235 million for the time that it has been in the industry. The company has been striving to the make customized products that are trendy and can meet the tastes of the clients. Kate Hudson has used the opinions that are offered by customers in developing outstanding business strategies for Fabletics. Many people in the U.S are frequent internet users, and therefore, they look for information about new products online before they purchase them. A huge percentage of consumers trusts client reviews that they read about a specific brand.


Successful businesses in various sectors allow customers to write reviews on their websites after they have used products or services. The remarks help new consumers who would like to acquire the company’s products to get reliable information about them. Enterprises that have built a positive reputation have a high probability of getting many new customers. The profitability of a company is significantly determined by the way that it interacts with its clients. Firms that are positively reviewed online are given high ratings by search engines, and this makes them easily visible when searched. Good remarks about a company motivate internet users to try its products.


Fabletics is one of the few corporations that have more than 85 percent return clients. This high number can be attributed to the excellent customer service that the company provides. The enterprise also gets many other subscribers through referrals that are given by individuals who have ever used its products. This indicates that the sales and profits of a business are significantly influenced by the reputation that it has set. In the past couple of years, a large number of people have been using review websites to get transparent information about various products that they wish to buy. There has been a change in consumer behavior, and the most trusted source of information has become crowdsourced reviews. The athleisure wear company’s management understands the importance of customer remarks, and it utilizes them in making business strategies.


Kate Hudson is dedicated to growing Fabletics into the United States’ leading online athleisure wear retailer. She is the face of the company and makes advertisement videos to inform the public about its products. Hudson is also on the management team of the enterprise and has assisted in developing strategies that enable it to succeed in the highly competitive sector. Fabletics is currently the industry’s cheapest manufacturer of personalized athleisure wear products. Its approaches have allowed it to attract over one million subscribers who buy its products monthly. The company’s brick-and-mortar stores have enabled it to reach clients who love shopping for products physically. The firm has opened over 30 stores and is committed to establishing more in the next couple of years.

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