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Grapes originated from South West Asia and Mediterranean, but other regions of the world continue growing it, including Europe and America. The plant produces red, green, plus purple-black colored tiny fruits in bunches. Each fruit contains roughly three seeds.

The fruit, as well as the fruit’s seeds, have benefits for the health of humans. Learn more about Bernardo Chua: and

Grapeseed oil is usually extracted from full grape seeds. That extract has chemical compounds called Procyanidolic Oligomers, sometimes called PCOs. It’s a potent antioxidant known to be powerful than Vitamins E and C. The chemical compound can dissolve in water; it helps your body to contain free radicals.

Other compounds that are found in the extract of Grapeseed oil include Linoleic Acid, Vitamin E, flavonoids, and resveratrol. In addition to its properties of antioxidant, Grapeseed extract could be used in lots of ways in treating conditions that are affecting human beings worldwide.

One of Grapeseed oil supplement major manufacturers is Organo Gold. Bernardo Chua founded the company.

Some of the health benefits that make Bernardo Chua recommend Grapeseed Oil include:

  1. The supplement strengthens your immune system. Vitamin E that is found in the Grapeseed Oil stimulates the white blood cells production that helps your body to fight off cancer causing cells, foreign objects, and bacteria.
  2. It could be used in breast cancer treatment. It achieves that purpose by suppressing aromatase activities; the high level of this enzyme within your breast tissues can result in cancer. The large procyanidin dimers amounts act as an inhibitor of aromatase
  3. Grapeseed Oil has osteoporosis benefits, particularly in animals used for experiments. The extract treats bone debil.
  4. The oil hastens the healing of a wound. According to research done in the U.S., when you apply an extract of the Grapeseed oil on a wound it accelerates the wound contraction, closure, thus healing.
  5. There are chances of the extract having some antiviral properties. In the year 2002, a science research was conducted and revealed that proanthocyanidin found in the Grapeseed oil could down-regulate HIV-1 co receptors.
  6. Grapeseed oil benefits Anti-inflammatory that is platelets-dependent as well as anti-thrombotic properties.

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Imran Haque, Two of his Interests, and Who He Is

Imran Haque is a licensed, practicing internist – doctors who practice internal medicine – that is based in the Southeastern state of North Ramseur and Asheboro, North Carolina, at his self-owned practices, both sharing the name of Horizon Internal Medicine. Mr. Haque also works at two hospitals in this area of the Tar Heel state, Kindred Hospital in Greensboro and Randolph Hospital in Asheboro.

Dr. Imran Haque, MD – short for Medical Doctor, the most prestigious title a healthcare professional can retain – graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana, or the UNIBE, a Caribbean island-based medical school, in 1998. As soon as Dr. Imran Haque was done with that program, he emigrated to the United States, specifically the Southeastern portion, realizing it was one of the most underprivileged areas in the United States. As such, he went to the University of Virginia in hopes of completing his residency. Within his first few days there, he realized he wanted to work in internal medicine, similar to family medicine in that he sees all ages and types of patients, with each and every case outside of medicine refills equivalent to a detective’s crime scene, in which he must figure out what patients’ problems are.

Imran Haque finished the residential stay three years after his initiation, immediately moving to North Carolina to serve the many rural areas there. As many people are overweight in the Southeast, one of his main focuses in diabetes management. His team of diabetes experts plans out custom treatment plans for each and every patient, helping them best meet their goals.

Another one of Dr. Imran Haque’s focuses is minimally-invasive surgery, which could very well be aided with robotic assistance. Although his self-owned practices, Horizon Internal Medicine, don’t currently feature any robots in surgery, Imran Haque is unarguably an advocate of their potential and plans to purchase some in coming years.

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