The Work of Aloha Restoration

Video 1 – Finished Basement Remodeling Aloha Restoration, Co. – The video looks at examples of basements remodeled by Aloha Restoration. The main gist is to show how they transform wasted space in your basement and to show you that Aloha is the company that can best do this for you.

Video 2 – Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Aloha Restoration, Co. – This video shows examples of bathrooms remodeled by Aloha Restoration. The main gist is to show how they can remodel bathrooms desperately in need of repair and how Aloha can best do this.

Video 3 – Water Mitigation Services & Water Damage Restoration Aloha Restoration, Co. – This video shows how Aloha is expert at helping you deal with water issues.

Aloha Restoration has a location that is headquartered in and services the Lake Zurich, Illinois area. This branch services homes throughout all of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin in need of remodeling and/or repair. It does contracting, siding, roofing, sub-contracting, roof contracting, and all manner of inside remodeling and repair, including helping resolve water damage. Aloha can handle virtually any damage repair in the house. And no remodel or repair job is too small or too big. They are fully licensed to do everything that they do. It is also fully staffed with a very capable and knowledgeable crew of claims specialists, field supervisors, managers, installers, inspectors, and office staff.

Aloha as a whole began as a very small company, but has grown astronomically throughout the years. But this did not last for long. It gradually got bigger and bigger, expanding much. It is today one of the most widely respected companies in its industry. Its character in the business world is full of gravitas. It has a huge reputation for excellence, integrity, and safety. If you live in Illinois or Southern Wisconsin, contact them today.


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