Mark Hutchinson, the Conservationist Adventurer

Mark Hutchinson grew up in the localities of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and finally Sydney. He is credited to building an adventure company whose idea started soon after he had enrolled for a Bachelor of Economics degree. He began his own personal training company which he combined well with his jackarooing and his sojourns in Africa.


He started the Mission for the untamed with the sole objective of taking people closer to nature in the furthest of areas. He used to act as a guide by hosting groups of adventure seekers in safaris where he met his wife Sophie. He met his business partner, Anton Lategan, at an Eco-training course in South Africa. He rebranded his Ecotraining company to company Avana during his MBA studies at ISEAD Business School in France. The company later became a part of the Vocation Group IPO which had a disappointing ending. Learn more:

He later came up with the Wild Ark conservancy whose main objective is to buy, protect and restore valuable land and create a sustainable business to protect and encourage the continuation of such ecosystems. He is of the belief that humans need rewilding because it is something within them that they need to connect with. In 2016, he enrolled for a Masters in Conservation to improve his conservancy skills and knowledge. He connects to nature on a daily basis since he raises his family in both an urban and wild environment setup with access to both the ocean and bush. He also goes on trips to Africa and North America. Learn more:


Mark Hutchinson is fervent advocate of wildness areas of the world. His numerous business ventures have the aim of educating people about the wild. He owns and operates training and travel businesses to achieve his objectives. He launched WildArk in 2016 to protect the world’s biodiversity while reconnecting people with nature. Its first conservancy is in the Kruger Region of South Africa. Mark likes to spend his time in the bush or trekking in very remote areas of this world. He also loves surfing or going out to explore new wild frontiers with his young family. Learn more:


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