Tammy Mazzocco Works Her Plan So That Her Plans Work

Tammy Mazzocco is a residential real estate professional in Pickerington, Ohio which is located just Southwest of Columbus, Ohio. She works hard at her business, but she has a plan which she follows to the letter, and it works.

She started her real estate career as a secretary for a commercial real estate company where she learned to be organized and follow through. Eventually, she decided to switch to the sales side of the equation so she could potentially make more income. That was a very good decision because Tammy has carved a very good career for herself.

Tammy likes to work by setting daily goals, and then breaking them down into smaller units so that they are easier to accomplish. It is easier to eat the cake when the pieces are smaller. Tammy has a good work ethic because she knows what she has to do to get good results.

Tammy likes to arrive at her office early so she can get all of the busy work out of the way. Things like filing, handling email and other mundane office duties can be taken care of early without distraction. Then she can get on the phone or get out of the office to show houses to prospects. She likes to say that nothing happens in the real estate business until you get out and are showing houses. Check out Groovescapes to know more.

The process of bonding with clients is very important in real estate, and Tammy is an expert in this category. She has answers for people who want to know about schools, shopping, neighborhoods, restaurants, financing, and taxes. People do business with people that they like, and Tammy works hard at creating that atmosphere.

Tammy likes to make people comfortable, and when that happens, she gets a sale. People are very uncertain most of the time when they are looking for a new house, and Tammy makes it comfortable to do business, and it works.

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