Cotemar Offers Outstanding Solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry

Cotemar is a Mexican based company that prides in providing exceptional services to the oil and gas industry. The principal objective of launching the firm was primarily to provide services to different businesses in the energy sector.

With an experience of several decades, Cotemar is now one of the best offshore service companies in the world in the oil and gas industry. Cotemar spent more than 30 years offering multiple services to Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex). Therefore, their results meet the needs of their clients in the oil industry.


Cotemar began its operations as a service firm in 1979. It specialized in offering all sorts of services in the energy sector. These services included providing devices used in the oil industry, specifically the Campeche Bay, catering, and accommodation. Learn more about Cotemar:

By 1981, Cotemar started evolving tremendously and invested more in the industry. Its ability to transport more personnel and devices used in the gas and oil industry expanded. In 1985, the company managed to acquire its first accommodation rig and was able to increase its fleet by 1990s.

Therefore, they started using modern machinery to offer more advanced services to their clients. In collaboration with COSCO, Cotemar started laying down plans to construct semi-submersible specialized cranes by 2012 and also more advanced maintenance vessels that could necessitate the transportation of liquid and solid products with ease.

Cotemar joined the onshore upstream after launching two semi-submersible rigs in 2015. Due to its remarkable reputation in the oil industry, the company won a lucrative contract for the popular Moloacan tender. Currently, Cotemar continues to enjoy many achievements and growth in all aspects.


They offer the following cost-effective services to numerous companies in the oil industry.
• Maintenance services
They offer maintenance services in the following areas: equipment, security, and safety systems, instrumentation and control, IT services and communication systems, pipe installations, and many others.
• Logistics
These services include offering specialized vessels and supply docks, catering and ample accommodation to their clients and multiple office services, including set-ups. Additionally, they provide transportation services of materials, personnel, and equipment.
• Production engineering optimization
They offer drilling mud recycling and water treatment services. Also, they have qualified staff members who have the ability to recover and manage gas efficiently and reduce the emission of toxic gases, such as CO2 to the atmosphere.
Therefore, it is incredible to work with Cotemar. They maintain the quality of their services throughout the year to fulfill their obligations and offer customer satisfaction maximally.

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