Verdict Still out on Charlie Sheen’s MK Ultra


Many of today’s celebrities exhibit extremely odd behavior after they have a hit movie or television show. Charlie Sheen is one of the elite in the breakdown category. Sheen was always a problem actor who appeared to have issues with alcohol, drugs and keeping his business in his pants. However, in 2011, Sheen had a complete an utter meltdown which may have been an attempted break from being one of the highest profile MK Ultra victims.



Sheen’s issues caused him to miss a lot of work on the television show that was the number one show at the time. The “Two and a Half Men” star just couldn’t seem to make it to work on time, and when he did, his performance was less than desirable. The producer decided to let Sheen go from the show because of his behavior. Sheen then went on epic rants and had interviews that left people wondering if he needed a straight jacket. He claimed to have tiger blood and openly admitted that he “banged 7 gram rocks” at will.



What’s interesting about Sheen’s collapse and his loss of credibility is that it didn’t occur long after he tried to come forward with his views on 9/11. Sheen felt that 9/11 was an “inside job,” and he quite honestly expressed his feelings. Perhaps he was going to come out with some additional information about other inside jobs. Perhaps an important agency felt that it needed to turn up the crazy lever so that he wouldn’t be sane enough to be credible. Society now treats Sheen the same way that it treats Corey Feldman, who also publically discusses injustices and conspiracies.

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