How Rick Shinto & Penelope Kokkinides are leading to the success of InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare, formerly known as Aveta is a leading provider of healthcare solutions in the industry across North American. They specialize in providing programs that are aimed at improving the quality of healthcare in the area. Among its top officials is Richard Shinto who serves the company as the Chief Executive Officer and Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administration Officer of InnovaCare having a great experience in developing health care solutions. Their primary focus is ensuring that all the people in the region including the disadvantaged enjoy the benefits of the programs deployed in the company.

Before Shinto joined InnovaCare, he was working at PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare is serving as the CEO. He also worked as the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Medical Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company in California On After earning enough experience of about 20 years in clinical as well as operational healthcare solutions, Shinto joined InnovaCare in 2008. In cooperation with rest of the leadership team, he has been able to lead the company to the success it has today.

Shinto has been able to start vital programs on at InnovaCare so as to assist the underserved people in accessing proper health care. More than 200,000 patients have benefited from these programs which are administered by about 7,500 care providers. Helping the people access the Medicare, and Medicaid programs were not all Shinto was planning to do, and so he started a new project for educating the patients on health matters. He as well gave support to their families so to remain united during the treatment process. His empathetic efforts were not left unnoticed because they earned him the Access to Caring Award during the ‘A Tribute to Caring’ gala hosted at the Wester University of Health Sciences.

Penelope Kokkinides is an ambitious and visionary woman having about 20 years of experience in providing healthcare solutions. She worked as the head principal of the Care and Disease Management Departments at Corporate VP of AmeriChoice and the COO of Touchstone Health on Manta. She has always been at the forefront to develop and implement healthcare procedures for many corporate firms. Shinto has worked with her at InnovaCare where they were able to bring out the benefits of Medicare and Medicaid programs responsibly. Shinto has always believed in employing the most talented and experienced management team because it forms a strong pillar when it comes to leadership. Penelope is among the best choices made at InnovaCare. Source:

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