Bernardo Chua Leads Organo Gold To Success As The Company Expands To New Markets


Bernardo Chua is a top name in the direct sales industry. He played a critical role in the success of Gano Excel. He started his career in the Philippines having where he played a significant role in expanding Ganoderma to the North American market. The concept of Organo Gold came from the polypore mushrooms which can be found in many places around the world that are highly regarded by China and other Asian countries for centuries for medicinal value. Chua is one of the pioneers in marketing the herb with coffees and teas outside the Asian region.


Bernardo Chuo is probably one of the most successful individuals from Asia-Pacific region. His success has been recognized through several awards such as the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. The award came from National Consumers Quality Awards in 2014 recognizing the 22nd Annual People’s Choice.


Ganoderma Lucidum is a highly regarded healthful mushroom that has been backed by many scientific studies due to its health benefits. It is a type of mushroom has been used in the 4000 years old history of Asia. However, the mushroom is still not approved by FDA. In America, to have successful product is still not enough to make a business successful. Bernardo Chua positioned his business in a strategic way to adapt to the new and challenging markets. His first assignment was to design a business plan that worked for America and the Western world. Using his expert marketing skills, he has turned Organo Gold into one of the most successful direct sales firm.


In October 2013, the company expanded to Kenya opening its operations in Nairobi. According to its CEO, Bernardo Chua, the decision to expand to Kenya as the first country in Africa was a milestone for the company which is now operating on six continents. Recently, the company opened a new branch in Turkey; a decision Chua called a “natural measure” because Turkey is well known for opening the first branch of a coffee house back in the 15th century.

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