Jim Hunt Uses Mother to Prove Success of New System

There is an expression that says, “put your money where your mouth is”, which simply means if you believe it then back it up with your wallet. Well, Jim Hunt of VTA Publications is doing just that…sort of, but it this case it’s his mother’s money. Yes, you heard that right, his mother. Hunt, known in many financial and investment circles as a ‘whistleblower’, is making this move public – and yes it includes his mother.

This newest strategy recently announced, http://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/jim-hunt-of-vta-publications-vows-to-make-mum-a-millionaire-in-just-10-trades-589777581.html and on the heels of his Wealth Wave system success, makes some bold claims and perhaps even a bolder step in how he reveals this plan. This new system claims that it will, “make Mum a millionaire in just 10 trades”. Jim Hunt plans to show the world that this system will work for anyone, and to prove it he is using his mother as the example.

The premise is based on finding the right stocks, and then as investments compound and profits continually rise, the results according to Hunt, will arrive at profits that will see $1 million. About how he plans to reveal this plan is where it gets even more interesting.
Using YouTube, he will show step by step this plan in action, and will begin by using 1,000 pounds of his mother’s money and will actually document investments and the results. The first step of the plan has already been taken and can be found at the site, www.MakeMumAMillionaire.com.

This is just another effort of Hunt and VTA Publications aimed at educating and empowering people with the tools to make, manage and use money in smarter, better ways.  Jim Hunt happens to think this is so easy, that even his mother can do it – and he is putting her money where his mouth is.

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