True Value Unveils New Program for New Items in Their Stores

True Value Hardware recently introduced a new strategy to handle fresh products in their stores to create a wide collection of unique and high quality goods for its clients. According to the company’s VP and Chief Merchandising Officer Ken Goodgame, the new development will also address the importance of product innovation in their stores. He described the effort as a permanent solution featuring a well-designed program that will make it simpler for dealers to earn credit from various product innovations.

The program features a provision for monthly shipments for new products to stores at a discounted price. Ken said that 48 products will be released each year under the program. The products will feature innovations that are new to the marketplace and not just to the store. All the products will be priced below $50.

Kenneth Goodgame has been the Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at True Value Hardware Corporation since 2014. Goodgame has worked his marketing magic to make True Value one of the most successful stores in Chicago. The company recently posted quarterly earnings that show a remarkable improvement since Goodgame took over as the head of merchandising and the VP. He is known for building the highly performing teams with skills at profit and loss management. His successful career as management specialist relates to his vast experience. Before he joined True Value, he worked at Ace Hardware as a Global Materials Manager. He has also worked at Home Depot, Black and Decker and RubberMaid Cleaning Products.

Besides his leadership skills, Goodgame is also known as a creative packaging and sales executive. He has the ability to transform an idea into something functional. He always empowers members of his team to make a significant contribution to the company. With Mr Ken Goodgame at its top, True Value is on its way to increased growth in Chicago’s competitive market. Mr Goodgame is available on Twitter and Facebook.

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