John Goullet – The I.T Guru behind Diversant’s Success

Diversant, LLC is a company that resulted from the merging of Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. John Goullet facilitated the merger in 2010. The African American owned company is one of the top Information Technology companies in the United States and is a certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise. The products and services of the firm have attracted the attention of many attributable to the fact that they are based on standout policies whose main goal is to satisfy the needs of its customers and affiliates. Diversant relies on the consultative approach to assist its clients in solving their problems since the method helps them understand the client’s needs better.

Diversant’s chief cause of existence is the continuously increasing dire need for I.T professionals thanks to the constant rise in technology. Its role in the I.T industry is to relieve companies of the headache of finding I.T personal that will offer them reliable services. Diversant steps in to solve this problem by sourcing and vetting qualified I.T experts and linking them up with a company that requires their unique skills. Through the application of its expertise in the field, Diversant has made it possible for the growth of healthy relationships between I.T consultants and companies.

John Goullet currently holds the position of principle in Diversant. He began his career as a consultant before making the switch to his current career as an I.T staffing executive. His career change prompted Mr. Goullet to form Info technologies whose main goal was to match firms in need of I.T services with I.T professionals. Other than offering staffing requirements, the company also provided Fortune 500 companies with I.T solutions. Goullet’s continuous hard work made a company worth nothing to one worth thirty million dollars in a period of five years.

The reasons behind the continued success of Diversant are Mr. Goullet’s many talents and experience in the I.T sector. His rich education background also plays a huge role in his prowess in I.T. Mr. Goullet attained his college education at Ursinus College.

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