A Glance at Crystal Hunt

One could say Crystal Hunt was practically born into the entertainment industry. At just six months, she entered the industry and began acting and singing lessons as a child. At two years old, she entered pageants and used acting as her talent. She was never afraid to be the center of attention on a stage or the shot of a camera, and one of her earliest roles was in “Problem Child 2.” She went on to also star in commercials, eventually working with big names such as NSYNC and even Tom Hanks at a young age.

Her biggest role has been of Lizzie Spaulding in the television show Guiding Light.  Crystal Hunt was also nominated for Soap Opera Digest Award for her role the same year. Guiding Light first aired on June 30, 1952 and ended on September 18, 2009. Cystal Hunt was on the show from 2003 to 2006.

She also had a role in the television show “One Life To Live.” Guiding Light first aired on June 30, 1952 and ended on September 18, 2009. Most recently, Crystal Hunt had a role in Magic Mike XXL, which achieved box office success. She also created her own feature-film back in 2014, Talbot County, with her longtime friend Dania Ramirez. Currently, she co-stars on the American-scripted reality show “Queens of Drama,” which first aired April 26, 2015.

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