George Soros Sees Similarities between the Bush and Trump Administration’s

George Soros had been well known as one of the most important and political figures in the U.S. for a number of years prior to the 2004 Presidential election campaign that saw the vast majority of American’s become aware of his contributions to left leaning politics around the world. Over the course of the 2004 election campaign in the U.S. George Soros made a major splash by taking advantage of the relaxed rules on wealthy donors backing political campaigns to donate what Politico estimates at $27 million to the campaign of Democratic nominee John Kerry in his election battle against sitting President George W. Bush. In a similar way Soros saw the problems that were rising in the U.S. in 2016 that he saw parallels with in the campaign of Donald Trump to that headed by President George W. Bush in 2016. Learn more about his profile at

As a survivor of the Nazi Occupation of Hungary from 1943 to the end of World War II, George Soros understands how the rise of right wing rhetoric lends itself to the dangers of racism and leaders acting beyond legal controls. During the 2016 election campaign season George Soros made public his concerns about the campaign rhetoric of Donald Trump and some of his fellow Republican candidates for the conservative nomination for the Presidency, going so far as to describe the words of Trump as doing the work of ISIS for the terrorist organization. Soros made clear his political dislike of Donald Trump on a number of occasions as he threw his financial backing behind Democrat Hillary Clinton to the tune of $25 million as he saw the election as being as important as that fought in 2004. Prior to the election of President Bush in 2004 Soros had raised concerns about the potential actions of the U.S. leader and the threat he posed to global peace, a statement he likened to the problems faced by the U.S. following the election of President Donald Trump.


Politico reports the battle to overcome the right wing was won by George Soros and his fellow donors to President Barrack Obama during the 2008 Presidential election cycle; however, Soros himself has not been above criticizing those with left leaning political values if he feels their campaign promises are not being kept. The 2012 reelection campaign of President Obama saw very little involvement by George Soros as he felt the liberal policies promised by the President and his advisors had not been followed through with as he took a middle ground approach to politics that Soros felt was not promised during an election cycle that resulted in Soros explain his regret in not backing Hillary Clinton for President as far back as 2008.

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How Fabletics has grown its Online Store

Fabletics in regarded as one of the fast-rising e-commerce companies in the United States. The firm has specialized in the provision of athleisure wear that is fashionable, stylish, quality, and affordable. Kate Hudson is the co-founder of the enterprise. She has managed to grow the firm in the past three years, and it is currently big enough to compete with larger businesses such as Amazon. Amazon was created before Fabletics, and it now controls over 20 percent of the online fashion market. The name athleisure is used to describe the products that it offers since they can be used for leisure and athletic undertakings. Fabletics has managed to attract more than one million subscribers within a short period. It offers high-quality products that can compete with renowned sportswear manufacturers like Lululemon and Athleta. The affordability of Fabletic’s products makes it a more appealing brand to the clients. The price of its products is half of what is charged by its main competitors.


Kate Hudson has ensured that her company is among the few that offer incredible after sales services. The subscription service of the company increases its popularity every day. Fabletics makes sure that it understands the preferences of all its clients, and this has allowed it to meet their diverse fashion needs. It offers a short survey that individuals are required to take when signing up. This enables its staff to understand what every client needs. The clothing line has VIP and regular membership packages. The two plans differ due to the privileges that the VIP subscribers enjoy. All members of the company are however offered unbeatable discounts for all the products that they purchase. The membership plan that is provided by Fabletics is popular due to its flexibility. Clients can skip months when they do not wish to buy products or unsubscribe from the service conveniently.


Fabletics uses great strategies in marketing and selling its products. Apart from the online shop, the firm had established more than 18 brick and mortar stores by the beginning of 2017. It plans to open 12 more physical stores in different cities across the country. The accessibility of the company’s products is highly increased by opening brick and mortar stores. About 50 percent of fashion shoppers think that it is convenient to buy clothes from an online shop since it is possible to know their real quality, texture, color, and size. Fabletics has made profits that total up to more than $250 million for the few years that it has been in business.


The activewear clothing line has adopted a marketing strategy that is called reverse showrooming. The plan involves welcoming people who browse for products on its online stores to visit its brick and mortar shops. The technique is viewed negatively by many businesses, but it has been highly successful. According to Hudson, companies that would like to grow their brands should develop excellent marketing methods. Reverse showrooming has significantly assisted Fabletics in increasing the number of subscribers on its online store.

Duda Melzer Is Key To The Future Success Of Brazil’s RBS Group

Known by his nickname of Duda, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has been blazing a trail through one of Brazil’s best known and respected media organizations, RBS Group, for a number of years. According to acaert, in 2016, Duda Melzer finally reached the position he had been earmarked for since it was announced in 2012 that a planned succession to hand over control of RBS to him would take place; Duda is now the third generation of the Sirotsky family to helm the RBS Group that was established by his grandfather Mauricio Sobrinho Sirotsky in 1957.

Duda Melzer has looked to gain experience in a number of different areas of the media and financial industry to prepare him for his role as the leader of the RBS Group, including a period of time spent studying and working in the U.S. After completing his studies at the Harvard School of Business Duda embarked upon a career in the U.S. that saw him work in executive positions with the Delphi Corporation and Box Top Media before returning to Brazil to join the family business.

In a report by clicrbs, as part of the planned succession to hand control of the RBS Group to Duda Melzer the now President and Chairperson of the company established the eBricks investment company in 2004. Duda Melzer understands the shifting nature of the new technology and media industries and has led the eBricks brand through a series of investments in technology based startups that total around $300 million in funding.

Although much of his time has been spent exploring the world of investing and new media he also indulges a number of other passions, such as horse racing that he keenly follows around the world. Duda Melzer also led the RBS Group to invest in the largest Online wine sales company in Brazil to aid in the diversification of the portfolio of the Sirotsky family.

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How EOS took the Lip Balm Industry by Storm

The Evolution of Smooth has officially taken over the lip balm market. Selling more units than veteran Lip Balm Company, such as Chapstick and Blistex, EOS has become the 2nd bestselling lip care product in the United States, right after Burts Bees. They currently sell over a million units every week and the array of flavors can be found at almost every major drugstore chain and retailer. The company is currently worth $250 million. Reaching such major success was no overnight task.

EOS was founded by Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra. They had a 3rd business partner but he opted out before the company was launched. Teller and Mehra saw an opportunity in the lip care industry because they felt as though well-known brands, such as Chapstick were being lazy. They invested in research and discovered that lip balms were particularly used by women as part of their beauty regimen. Statistics have also shown that consumers are in favor of all natural, organic products. The EOS founders took advantage of this information and created specialized lip balms that were geared towards women and were 100% all natural.

They hired a clay artist to help design the signature sphere shape. They also invested in their own machinery to produce the product in mass quantities.

However, getting the product on store shelves was difficult at first. Buyers from major retailers, mainly male, stated that EOS lip balms could not compete with brands that consumers were used to buying. By a twist of fate, they were lucky enough to score a meeting with a female buyer from Walgreens that loved the spheres ( and the rest became history.

EOS is sold at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target and other major stores for just $3. They currently have a massive social media following on Facebook and Instagram and have been featured in countless beauty magazines.

Mike Heiligenstein Attends the Williamson Growth Summit to Discuss Transport Issues Facing Williamson County

One of the socioeconomic issues affecting Williamson County is traffic. Four transport experts recently met and discussed ways in which this issue can be addressed. These specialists include Mike Heiligenstein of the Mobility Authority and Joseph Kopser, Ridescout’s founder.

Others include Jared Ficklin of ArgoDesign and Uber’s Leandre Johns. They met during the Williamson Growth Summit that usually focuses on how the county can grow socioeconomically.

The summit took place in the famed Sheraton Conference Center. The four experts centered their discussions on the role of technology in the transportation sector across the globe.

According to Crunchbase, Mike Heiligenstein emphasized on the need for people to invest in Austin’s transportation sector. He praised innovations such as ridesharing applications and driverless vehicles that have transformed transport systems in the County. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

According to Heiligenstein, Williamson County’s transportation systems have changed over the past fifteen years. He said that these developments should take place to cope up with the transportation needs of the county. Ficklin spoke about the role of building codes, and land uses in the transportation sector.

He urged policymakers to make the regulations flexible for development purposes. He also encouraged them to build more parking spaces and roads to cope up with the increase in vehicles purchased by Austin residents.

As an executive officer of ArgoDesign, Jared Ficklin suggested that the parking garages of the future would be five feet in length. He also suggested that these garages would have several sections and a charging station on each section.

He wanted the policymakers of Austin, Texas to review the city’s building codes for them to allow different designs for parking garages.

Mike Heiligenstein’s Career Background

Heiligenstein is known for his directorial role in the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA). He has also spent most of his career in conceptualizing infrastructure developments for Central Texas.

As an independent government agency, CTRMA began its operations in 2002 with the aim of developing a modern transportation network for Central Texas. Heiligenstein joined the agency after being elected by the board of directors.

As a dedicated government official, Heiligenstein has worked for Williamson County for the last 23 years. He has been instrumental in expanding transport and wastewater networks in the County. He once served as the chairperson of the Clean Air Force of Texas and a member of Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council.

After joining CTRMA’s executive team, Mike Heiligenstein initiated a program that seeks to generate $136.5 million for the agency by 2020. The program also seeks to increase CTRMA’s assets to $4 billion by 2020.

The Finalist Has Been Announced For The 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards

The M&A Advisor just announced that an international banking firm is the finalist at 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. This is a firm that is based in Chicago. The name of the firm is Madison Street Capital.


These are highly coveted awards as they recognize firms as well as professionals that have managed to reach amazing heights in the world of financial achievements. To be specific, these awards are designed to recognize excellence that has been achieved in making deals or any restructuring that may have taken place in the world of financing.


The nomination received by Madison Street Capital is for two categories. These include the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year – International. The other one is for the Industrials Deal of the Year (Under $100MM). This is a deal that has done a lot for Madison Street Capital reputation. It is regarding the role of the firm in facilitating Dowco in the acquiring of Acuna & Asociados S.A. This was a deal in which the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, Karl D’Cunha, played a major role.


The firm is very happy with the way this deal has worked out. This is because Dowco is a very old client of theirs. In addition, they are feeling honored that they have been nominated for the award of Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year – International. They are happy that their dealmakers are being recognized as they had worked a lot across various time zones in order to connect with the clients. In fact, this is why Madison Street Capital has been able to facilitate growing as well as emerging businesses in a way that suits their varying needs as they look for continued growth as well as success.


Even this acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. that was made by Dowco was not easy as a lot of complex transaction had to be done across borders and this involved a number of moving parts. Hence everyone at the firm is feeling great as they are getting recognized for this achievement.


All are waiting for 9 Nov as that is the day when the winners will be announced. This will be at the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala that will be held at the New York Athletic Club.


Madison Street Capital, LLC is a reputed investment banking firm. It is known for its commitment to integrity and excellence.


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Verdict Still out on Charlie Sheen’s MK Ultra


Many of today’s celebrities exhibit extremely odd behavior after they have a hit movie or television show. Charlie Sheen is one of the elite in the breakdown category. Sheen was always a problem actor who appeared to have issues with alcohol, drugs and keeping his business in his pants. However, in 2011, Sheen had a complete an utter meltdown which may have been an attempted break from being one of the highest profile MK Ultra victims.



Sheen’s issues caused him to miss a lot of work on the television show that was the number one show at the time. The “Two and a Half Men” star just couldn’t seem to make it to work on time, and when he did, his performance was less than desirable. The producer decided to let Sheen go from the show because of his behavior. Sheen then went on epic rants and had interviews that left people wondering if he needed a straight jacket. He claimed to have tiger blood and openly admitted that he “banged 7 gram rocks” at will.



What’s interesting about Sheen’s collapse and his loss of credibility is that it didn’t occur long after he tried to come forward with his views on 9/11. Sheen felt that 9/11 was an “inside job,” and he quite honestly expressed his feelings. Perhaps he was going to come out with some additional information about other inside jobs. Perhaps an important agency felt that it needed to turn up the crazy lever so that he wouldn’t be sane enough to be credible. Society now treats Sheen the same way that it treats Corey Feldman, who also publically discusses injustices and conspiracies.

Understanding Stock Trading With Expert Advice

Starting a business, investing, or getting into stock trading is not really difficult if you follow proven strategies. Jim Hunt VTA Publications provides some of the most reliable courses and information products for learning how to make money, or build wealth. His astounding course, Wealth Wave, can be obtained from Jim Hunt VTA Publications – a reputable publisher of business and finance information products.

Stock trading is becoming an increasingly popular way of generating income. These days more and more people are getting into the investment field, including stock trading on People who are interested in earning supplemental income, or creating vast fortunes, are researching lucrative business and investment opportunities.

As in any venture, it is crucial that you know what works and what to avoid before you decide to get involved. To run a business nowadays, you need a computer and Internet access.

Business courses and wealth advisory services are being offered in many places to help people get a good investing or business education, and become entrepreneurs. There are courses reported on that only give you the basics, and there are those that cover the strategies you need to be successful, in a step by step manner.

Anyone can earn money from stock trading if they know where to get reliable help. If you are truly serious about getting into this venture, you should find a course or training program created by an expert.

The Internet provides a wide variety of resources for learning business or investment strategies but it is extremely important to choose a resource that has an established history of rendering reliable guidance. That’s where Jim Hunt and his reputable publishing company, VTA Publications, can help.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications has a proven track record for providing top notch business and finance guides as well as wealth building courses and wealth advisory services. The company has been catering to beginning entrepreneurs and seasoned investors for years and comes highly recommended in the industry.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications has created many books and courses, designed to help absolute beginners and experienced professionals to attain financial freedom. Jim has mastered stock trading, wealth building and creating lucrative businesses, and can provide the advice and guidance you need to reach your goal.

Brilliant and Loved Businessman, Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is one of the most successful businessmen of his time. He rises above the rest with not only one successful business to his name, but has played a pivotal role in two. He worked as a top level executive with Gano Excel and is currently the Founder and CEO of a world renown direct sales company, Organo Gold.

The production of a wide variety of products within his Organo Gold business has enabled him to introduce ganoderma to a vast majority of people within many countries around the world.

Not widely known to many outside of his home country of the Philippines, this small-time businessman took his knowledge of a small species of mushroom and introduced the world to the enhancing benefits of ganoderma.

The production of coffee, teas, herbal medicine, supplements and even toothpaste – has empowered him to quickly make a name for himself.

Bernardo Chua and his company’s commitment to providing people with quality products is what has made him not only one of the most successful men in the Pacific Rim, but has catapulted his success worldwide. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

Providing excellent products are not the only thing that sets this man apart from so many others, it’s his kind heart and love for people that really resonates with everyone that he meets.

Kindheartedly and fondly known as “Bernie,” his company Organo Gold was awarded two People’s Choice Awards: “Best Gourmet Organic Coffee” and “ Number 1 Network Marketing Company.”

This is in addition to being awarded “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur” and the esteemed “dangal ng Bayan Awards.” One of the many ways he gives back to the community is by pouring into the hearts and minds of the next generation. He speaks and mentors young entrepreneurs so they too, can learn the skills necessary to become successful.

Despite his massive successes, there is still much to be seen in the future. With an ever-present goal of constantly providing innovative products that enhances millions of lives and continuing new research in his field, the world still has much to experience from brilliant businessman, Bernardo Chua.

Musicians and Artists Are Going for Online Reputation Management

With the rising supremacy of the internet and streaming services in the background, the majority of the musicians and artists are now gradually shifting from conventional records labels towards online platforms. While this is a new forte for the non-tech-savvy artists, it holds a tremendous potential for bigger audience and popularity on a global scale through an online presence. According to the Hypebot article named Internet Gives Musicians Double Edged Sword, the artists will get double benefits when they concentrate more on the internet and their online reputation management.

The phenomenon of online reputation management has become a very crucial thing for everything including individual and organizations now a day. Through this, we can build a strong online presence for a person or company and shape public perception about them as well. Now that everyone has the internet and a Smartphone with them, a strong existence has become compulsory for every individual or business that has to deal with the public. However, online reputation is a tricky thing, and it might go in a negative way if they are not managed properly from the beginning. With the help of Online Reputation Reviews management, a company can be assured that it has the right image among its audience and able to pursue its targets smoothly.

While the majority of businesses and individuals such as public officials and celebrities have been using some professional online reputation management solutions, the musicians and artist weren’t that fast to catch up with this. However, now that some online platforms for musicians and artists such as Spotify, Deezer, and Google Play are getting popular among the people, the artists are also moving ahead to reap its benefits. Now the artists can not only use the internet to reach a bigger audience but also use the internet to create a better and attractive image and fan following for them through online reputation management solutions.

However, the artists have to consider about online reputation management right from the beginning. Since online reputation can drastically change overnight, the artists have to be proactive to avoid an embarrassing situation. Hence, they should regularly monitor their online reputation in social media and search queries as well as opt for innovative solutions such as blogs, press releases, interviews and online PR management.