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John Ritenour Explores the Significance of a Strong Professional Ethics

Prioritizing your family requires a professional ability to develop hierarchies. Entrepreneurs must work on optimizing the time designated for certain tasks. Any business person who seeks to attain a balance between work and life should be efficient in their actions in the workplace. Making every moment count was a top priority for Heath Ritenour throughout his career.

It helped him remain highly effective as he performed various tasks. He spent additional time when needed to achieve the desired results for his business. In several interviews,Heath Ritenour the CEO and head of the Insurance Office of America was quoted stating the value of hard work in his journey as an entrepreneur. During his early days selling insurance policies, IOA’s CEO worked for 16 hours each day.

At the time, his counterparts only spent 6 hours a day working on the same insurance sale. After his son, Heath, was born, Ritenour rearranged his priorities. However, he maintained his professional ethic, which set the basis for his corporate success. Over the years, his work ethic remains unchanged. Nonetheless, he now focuses more on his family life.

As his business, Insurance Office of America was scaling up, Heath Ritenour was provided support and shared his time with his family. He also worked the corporate schedule as needed. Even as the business continues to expand its operations, John Ritenour can spend more time with his loved ones.

As the CEO of IOA, Heath Ritenour encourages entrepreneurs to adopt self-driven practices. These are the values that he taught Heath from a tender age. Hard work has always been at the core of his everyday habits as an entrepreneur. In his bid to build a legacy, John understood the need to work diligently.

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For any business leader, realizing the significance of a professional work ethic is critical to achieving success in the long term. Although shortcuts could work from time to time, it takes effort and commitment to grow a business.

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