Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Cancer Treatment Theories

Mikhail Blagosklonny is acknowledged globally for the outstanding contributions that he has made in the oncology sector. He has specialized in cancer and aging. Mikhail Blagosklpnny is also an oncology professor and currently serves the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He has worked with various experts at the organization to develop cures that can save the lives of people across the world. The scientist holds a masters degree in internal medicine and a Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology. Mikhail was privileged to work as an associate professor at the New York Medical College as from 2002. He spent a few years at the organization before the Ordway Research Institute hired him to serve it as a senior scientist. Blagosklonny has been conducting oncology studies for years, and this has enabled him to gains sufficient knowledge of the field. The studies that he does have primarily focused on areas such as biogerontology, anti-aging, and targeted cancer therapies.

The knowledge and experience of the Blagosklonny have enabled him to be appointed as an editor-in-chief by Oncotarget. He is also an expert in cancer biology and therapy, and therefore, has been hired as an associate editor in the fields. Mikhail has several career accomplishments, and one of them is the development of a hypothesis that aims at explaining how TOR signaling can be critical in mitigating aging and cancer. According to the scientist, Rapamycin can be used in improving the health of cancer patients. He has also been among the main contributors in the longevity research. The primary fields that Blagosklonny’s research focuses on include clinical investigations, cellular biology, and molecular biology. He has made significant steps in anti-cancer therapeutics, drug resistance, transduction, and apoptosis.

The scientist is also revered for his excellent work as an author. He owns a couple of publications that aim at offering detailed information on the theory of aging and hyperfunction. The content that he has written also focuses on cyclotherapy and chemotherapeutics. The professor’s research is greatly acknowledged by the medical fraternity. Mikhail believes that Rapamycin’s properties are unique, and they enable it to be one of the best cancer cures. He has put together over 300 book chapters, reviews, and articles. His expertise made him be appointed as a senior editor at the International Journal of Cancer and American Journal of Pathology. Blogosklonny has spent significant time in his career striving to establish the best cure for cancer. He is ranked among the most successful oncology specialists. The scientist is determined to make the world cancer free since he believes that the human life is vital.

The Roswell Park Cancer Institute appreciates the presence of Mikhail Blagosklonny. He has served the research institution since 2009, and his contributions have facilitated its growth. The organization acts as a platform that joins oncology experts who are committed to developing cancer treatments. Blagosklonny’s studies show that aging is one of the factors that lead to cancer. For example, thousands of old men have prostate cancer. He thinks that there is a connection between the two conditions, and therefore, cancer can be eliminated by mitigating aging.