Dr, Mark Holterman and His Success

Dr. Holterman graduated from the University of Virginia with a medical degree. Dr. Holterman now teaches at the University of Illinois College of medicine. There he teaches pediatrics and surgery. Holterman is a part of the committee in trying to find a cure for diabetes and other chronic illnesses. He also takes part in the ADA, which is the American Diabetes Association.

Dr. Mark Holterman is not only successful in teaching at the University of Illinois, but he’s also very caring. He dedicates a large fraction of his time in helping his patients in any way he can. He also supports a variety of different charities and organizations. One charity organization he supports is the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. He was also one of the creators of the Hannah Sunshine. This organizations purpose is to support children in need of cellular and regenerative therapies. This organization was inspired by the success of three people in this therapy.

Another organization he takes part in is the Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons (PAPS). This organization better the education and social connection to pediatric surgeons that are located within the Pacific countries.

Dr. Glen Holterman was also a pediatric surgeon until the year of 2011. He was a surgeon at the OSF Healthcare part of the children’s hospital. He is very smart in the pediatric surgery field and has spent over decades of his life in doing it (http://doctors.healthgrove.com/l/241393/Mark-Holterman-in-Chicago-Illinois). He also studies stem cells. He takes the fetal stem cells of lost children and miscarriage and gives them a purpose. Fetal stem cells have been proven to do wonders for illnesses and diseases. They contain non-hemopoietic mesenchymal stem cells, which are very valuable. Dr. Holterman researches this and is trying to discover ways to use these stem cells for a good cause.