Equities First Holdings in Australia

Equities First Holdings, EFH is a global provider of a variety of secure and efficient, and capital sources. EFH has branches in nine countries with some offices operating independently as wholly owned subsidiaries. The independent subsidiaries include Equities First Holdings Singapore Ltd, Equities First Holdings Australia and Equities First Holdings London. The Australia Office is headquartered in Sydney with satellite offices in Perth and Melbourne. It recently relocated its Melbourne office to Collins Street which is a more convenient location for accessibility.

The executive team of the Australia offices comprises of Mitchell Hopwood who serves as the Managing Director and Andrew Stevens being the Director. They serve under the leadership of Al Christy Jr who is the overall Chief Executive Officer and President. Sanjay Vallabh is also a member of the team serving as a senior associate. This Australian team has been a great asset to the company with their focus being on integrity and professionalism.