Ronald Fowlkes Officer, Veteran, and FirstSpear Co-Owner

Director of Business Development at FirstSpear is Ronald Fowlkes. FirstSpear, named after the Senior Centurion of a Roman Legion, dedicates their efforts to providing top tactical gear to the service men and women’s sector. The product produced by FirstSpear is American made and carries a lifetime guarantee. At FirstSpear they say, “They build the Ferrari of the tactical world”. However, before becoming the leader of FirstSpear, Ronald Fowlkes had an illustrious career in the Marines and then later law enforcement.


Recently, Ronald Fowlkes sat down for an interview with Inspirery. He stated that as a small child of 10, he wrote to the Marines, asking if he could join the service. He explained how he would get their letters back “stating that he needed to wait until he was older to join”. Right after graduating high school at 17, however, his wish came true and he was able to pursue his dreams and join the Marines.


During his interview with Inspirery, he goes on to tell how before he became the Director of Business Development at FirstSpear while working in the armed forces, he kept coming across FirstSpear products and he noted how well they lasted through the demanding task that was put upon it. Then when he went into law enforcement, FirstSpear products were everywhere. This impressed him like nothing else.


Ronald Fowlkes, was a law enforcement officer for over 13 years, having served about 10 years in the St. Louis Police Department and another 3 with the St. Louis County Police Department. However, before working as a police officer Mr. Fowlkes served in the armed forces. He is also a veteran of the First Gulf War, having served in the United States Marine Corp. His training included Marine Combat Training at the United States Marine Corps School of Infantry and the U.S. Army Parachute School. Later he earned an advanced Navy-Marine Corps Parachute Insignia and NSWF Combat Diver School.


Ronald Fowlkes is a big believer in leading by example and getting things done, so it is no wonder that he has achieved such great success. His accomplishments are amazing and aspiring. Dedication, duty, loyalty, and honor are a part of what makes the men and women in the armed services great leaders. Mr. Fowlkes is no different and while leading as Director of Business at FirstSpear, he still finds time to write his own blog on Medium. Here he gives his opinions on NHL news. As a writer, Director of Business Development, a law enforcement officer and a veteran, Ronald Fowlkes proves he can accomplish anything in his path.


Talk Fusion Reveals Their Latest Innovations

Talk Fusion is a well known name within the tech sector. They’ve taken difficult technical issues and created solutions that people of every walk of life can use. As such, the announcement that they’re expanding their product line drew a lot of attention.


They’re going about it in a unique way as well. The announcement goes hand in hand with some dramatic changes to their software suite’s interface. The Talk Fusion Video Suite now has a whole new look for the Product Dashboard.


This isn’t just a single new feature either. The dashboard is marked as a prelude of things to come. The new way of interacting with the software suite also opens up new possibilities for software expansion. And that’s exactly what’s planned for Talk Fusion in the new year. The new dashboard coincides with an announcement of some big new features coming into the software lineup.


But it also showcases one of the things that makes Talk Fusion unique. The dashboard isn’t just technically impressive. It’s also something that almost anyone can understand on an intuitive level. This is a hallmark of their entire business practice.


The company places heavy focus on video based communication. And the reason comes down to ease of communication. Talking to people face to face helps to facilitate the meaning behind a message. It delivers a richer and more complex exchange between two individuals. Talk Fusion has understood that right from the start. In fact, one simply has to look at the name to see evidence of it.


Talk Fusion began through a fusion of different communication technologies into a singular whole. And they’re continuing that mission with services like WebRTC. That too was driven home during Talk Fusion’s announcement. They’re making a very deliberate push to continue innovating through use of the latest technologies. But in doing so they’re also working to maintain an easy to use interface.


This harkens back to the company’s start back in 2007. Company president Bob Reina had seen just how fragmented the telecommunications industry was. Differing standards were the norm and it was interfering with people’s ability to communicate with each other. Talk Fusion did just that. It fused different methods of communication into a singular and more powerful whole.


Today that’s created a system by which people can communicate using rich multimedia. But most impressive is the simple fact that people on the receiving end can still use their familiar services. Talk Fusion’s use of innovative technologies allows them to extend services in modern browsers. The end result is a software suite which can give people the ability to talk face to face even if they’re separated by oceans. Learn more: