Sam Tabar’s Successful Investment Career

Sam Tabar is a capital strategist and attorney who is based in the United States. He is considered to be one of the upcoming leaders with a lot of potentials.

Full Cycle Energy Fund, one of the most successful energy companies in the world appointed him to become the Chief Operating Officer in the company. While working at this position, Sam Tabar will partner with the top management in the company to ensure that the fuel prices come down, and people access to fuel that is environment-friendly. Sam Tabar will also be working with the Awearable Apparel as the Chief Financial Officer. Both positions are quite demanding, but the capital strategist has been in the industry for a long time, and he has all it takes to handle them perfectly.

Technology has changed the way things are done. More companies and organizations are looking for reliable leaders who will be capable of ascending to the top positions and doing the job perfectly. In any institution, the financial leaders are imperative compared to the rest of the team. Without them, it will be impossible to run successful companies. Industry changers in the financial department who have done well should be appreciated and recognized. Sam is one of these individuals.

Recent research from the international community indicates that Tabar is the financial industry changer who is promising and good in his career. He went for his education at the Oxford University. Later on, he decided to become an attorney and went to the Columbia Law School where he graduates with a degree in law. Both universities are respected because of their influence in the educational industry. Sam Tabar acquired enough skills in both schools to become one of the best capital strategists and lawyer in the world.

After completing his education,Tabar had the opportunity to work in different companies as an attorney and Capital strategists. He has collaborated with prestigious law firms in the world and made a lot of difference.

The Manse on Marsh Wins Second Consecutive “Caring Star” Award

The Manse on Marsh is one of those unique assisted living facilities that are really committed to making each and every resident as happy and comfortable as they possibly can. In order to do so, they must make sure their staff is friendly and attentive while also providing an array of services and programs for residents to choose from. Located in downtown San Luis Obispo, California, The Manse on Marsh is the perfect assisted living community to live out your golden years.

Recently, The Manse on Marsh won its second consecutive “Caring Star” Award. To participate, assisted living facilities must have no unresolved negative reviews, earn at least one five-star review, and maintain an overall average rating of four stars or more. This facility not only maintained a five-star average, but they also received five five-star reviews as well. This is a great award to win as it shows potential residents and their families that you will be well taken care of if you choose to stay here.

At this facility, residents can choose between a studio, one bedroom, or two bedroom apartments, depending on what their needs are. Staff is here to help with each resident’s individual needs.  The Manse on Marsh offers a custom care plan to its residents, which is the only location in the area to do so. What this means is that each resident can choose from the many different services this facility offers. Some of these services include meal reminders, medication managements, bathing and grooming, maid and laundry services, and convenient transportation. Each customized plan is unique to each resident, meaning only the services they require they will have to pay for.

If you are in the area, it is best to book your tour now to find out everything this assisted living community has to offer. This facility might look expensive, but it is affordable, making it the number one assisted living facility in the San Luis Obispo area.  Follow them through Facebook to see what everyone is really saying.

The Process of Becoming a Lawyer in Brazil

Legal practice ranks among the most lucrative professions. This explains why law schools throughout the world receive a high number of applicants. The legal system in Brazil is highly developed. The country boasts nearly 1 million legal practitioners, which is the third highest globally after the United States and India. Brazilian law is based on Portuguese law. There are certain steps that one ought to take before he or she is admitted to the bar in Brazil.

Those wishing to be lawyers must first excel in their vestibular examinations. This is a prerequisite for students before they proceed to the University for a Law Degree. The vestibular exams are administered by universities. Generally students complete their law degrees within a period of 5 years.

Upon the completion of their law degrees, students are usually introduced to the Brazilian Bar Association, which is an umbrella body for all lawyers in the country. This body sets the Brazilian Bar Examination, which one must excel in before he or she is admitted to the bar.  Its passage warrants approval and the right to practice in the field that one has specialized in.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Mr. Tosto is one of the most prominent attorneys in Brazil. He is a founding partner at Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogado advocates. For over 22 years, he has been dedicated to representing clients in cases related to business law. His areas of specialty are commercial and civil litigation, M&A, credit recovery, banking, electoral law, international law, and corporate restructuring.

Ricardo Tosto graduated from Universidad Presbiteriana Mackenzie. In addition, he holds a postgraduate degree in Business Administration from FAAP. During legal career, Ricardo has made a name for himself by being one of the sharpest legal minds. He is similarly known to be a shrewd legal strategist, who has won hundreds of cases on behalf of his clients. Mr. Tosto is affiliated to the Brazilian Bar Association, the Partnerships Research Centre (CESA), and the International Bar Association. Follow Tosto on Twitter to keep up with his news.


Jim Hunt Uses Mother to Prove Success of New System

There is an expression that says, “put your money where your mouth is”, which simply means if you believe it then back it up with your wallet. Well, Jim Hunt of VTA Publications is doing just that…sort of, but it this case it’s his mother’s money. Yes, you heard that right, his mother. Hunt, known in many financial and investment circles as a ‘whistleblower’, is making this move public – and yes it includes his mother.

This newest strategy recently announced, and on the heels of his Wealth Wave system success, makes some bold claims and perhaps even a bolder step in how he reveals this plan. This new system claims that it will, “make Mum a millionaire in just 10 trades”. Jim Hunt plans to show the world that this system will work for anyone, and to prove it he is using his mother as the example.

The premise is based on finding the right stocks, and then as investments compound and profits continually rise, the results according to Hunt, will arrive at profits that will see $1 million. About how he plans to reveal this plan is where it gets even more interesting.
Using YouTube, he will show step by step this plan in action, and will begin by using 1,000 pounds of his mother’s money and will actually document investments and the results. The first step of the plan has already been taken and can be found at the site,

This is just another effort of Hunt and VTA Publications aimed at educating and empowering people with the tools to make, manage and use money in smarter, better ways.  Jim Hunt happens to think this is so easy, that even his mother can do it – and he is putting her money where his mouth is.

James Dondero Appoints Prominent Civic Leader, Linda Owen, To Manage Its Charitable Giving Portfolio

James Dondero, the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management has selected prominent Dallas civic leader, Linda Owen to oversee philanthropic activities of his firm’s charitable giving program. It is notable that Highland Capital Management actively contributes nearly $3 Million every year to help develop various nonprofits in Dallas and its vicinity.  Accordingly, Linda will supervise the activities of charitable program in partnership with Dallas Foundation.

Perhaps, Linda is the right person to do the job as she is one of the most recognized civic leaders with an impressive portfolio of building public-private partnership. As the founder and CEO of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, Linda oversaw the landmark development of Klyde Warren Park. Besides, she has also served as the President and CEO of The Real Estate Council. During her tenure at TREC, Linda also managed numerous high-profile real estate and nonprofit projects in the area.

Analysts believe that the recent appointment of Linda Owen will likely prove a service benchmark for other organizations because the executive team at Highland Capital Management is known for their involvement in board services and leadership roles of the nonprofits they support. Already, the list of nonprofits supported by the organization keeps on growing every year. Active funding includes support for Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the Center for Brain Health, the Dallas Zoo, Uplift Education, Snowball Express and the American Heart Association, among others.

The man behind building the charitable-giving environment is the CEO of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero. James started his career in 1985 as an analyst in Morgan Guaranty training program. His career continued to evolve until James decided to found his own investment firm. Under his guidance, the firm has recently won Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation, in 2014. Besides, Morningstar also designated the company’s Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund as the top ranked fund in its category.


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The Difference with Talk Fusion

It’s true that Talk Fusion is the company that has one-stop shopping for your video marketing needs. This all-in-one video marketing solution has been changing the way that companies do business around the world. Whether your business is using email marketing to meet the challenges of the day or you want to do a video conference, the products from Talk Fusion are more than amazing. A company can only define their goals and mission with the right tools and resources. Visit to know more about Talk Fusion.

Those who want a more personal approach will benefit tremendously with the all-in-one solution from Talk Fusion. Whether you as an individual are in charge of a charity or you are building your own business, this may be the most influential product you’ll ever use. Think about the other tools that you can eliminate and how much you’ll save as a result?

Talk Fusion video chat has won several awards, and in 2016 the company won yet another. The award this year was the Communications Solutions Products of the Year award. This award is a big deal and is given by the Technology Marketing Corporation. The products that are offered through Talk Fusion are dedicated to serving those in the market of voice, data, and video communication.

This means that Talk Fusion is hyper-vigilant in their approach to making technology better and exceeding the expectations and creating something innovative for all to use. Industry leaders continue to take notice of Bob Reina, and how he has improved communication through Talk Fusion and the products they offer.

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The Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is not only a leader, but is also an innovator, a businessman, a philanthropist, as well as a father who has used his skills with technology to help find solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems that will make the world a better place for the future. As an innovator, Eric Pulier has been involved in both the private as well as in the public sector, working hard to figure out how to solve some of the world’s most complex issues such as environmental problems or even health care. With over two decades of experience, Pulier is the proud co-founder, CEO, founder, and developer of over 15 different companies that currently bring in hundreds of millions of dollars of annual revenue. Eric Pulier hopes to continue his progress into the future with the intention of helping to make the world a better place with the use of technology.

Eric Pulier is a rare individual who has known exactly what he has wanted to do even at an early age in his life. At the age of nine, Eric Pulier had built his own computer and by the age of eighteen, Eric Pulier had started his own database company that created innovative solutions for clients. This early on intelligence and creativity eventually earned Eric Pulier a spot at Harvard University, the university where he eventually earned his degree in English and American literature. With his education, Eric Pulier soon moved on to create his own success.

Three years after graduating from university, Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles, a city that would benefit from his innovation. By 1991, Eric Pulier started up his first official company after graduating which was known as People Doing Things. As the name of the company suggests, Mr. Pulier’s company tried to solve some of the world’s most complex issues with the help of technological innovation.

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John Goullet – The I.T Guru behind Diversant’s Success

Diversant, LLC is a company that resulted from the merging of Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. John Goullet facilitated the merger in 2010. The African American owned company is one of the top Information Technology companies in the United States and is a certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise. The products and services of the firm have attracted the attention of many attributable to the fact that they are based on standout policies whose main goal is to satisfy the needs of its customers and affiliates. Diversant relies on the consultative approach to assist its clients in solving their problems since the method helps them understand the client’s needs better.

Diversant’s chief cause of existence is the continuously increasing dire need for I.T professionals thanks to the constant rise in technology. Its role in the I.T industry is to relieve companies of the headache of finding I.T personal that will offer them reliable services. Diversant steps in to solve this problem by sourcing and vetting qualified I.T experts and linking them up with a company that requires their unique skills. Through the application of its expertise in the field, Diversant has made it possible for the growth of healthy relationships between I.T consultants and companies.

John Goullet currently holds the position of principle in Diversant. He began his career as a consultant before making the switch to his current career as an I.T staffing executive. His career change prompted Mr. Goullet to form Info technologies whose main goal was to match firms in need of I.T services with I.T professionals. Other than offering staffing requirements, the company also provided Fortune 500 companies with I.T solutions. Goullet’s continuous hard work made a company worth nothing to one worth thirty million dollars in a period of five years.

The reasons behind the continued success of Diversant are Mr. Goullet’s many talents and experience in the I.T sector. His rich education background also plays a huge role in his prowess in I.T. Mr. Goullet attained his college education at Ursinus College.

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True Value Unveils New Program for New Items in Their Stores

True Value Hardware recently introduced a new strategy to handle fresh products in their stores to create a wide collection of unique and high quality goods for its clients. According to the company’s VP and Chief Merchandising Officer Ken Goodgame, the new development will also address the importance of product innovation in their stores. He described the effort as a permanent solution featuring a well-designed program that will make it simpler for dealers to earn credit from various product innovations.

The program features a provision for monthly shipments for new products to stores at a discounted price. Ken said that 48 products will be released each year under the program. The products will feature innovations that are new to the marketplace and not just to the store. All the products will be priced below $50.

Kenneth Goodgame has been the Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at True Value Hardware Corporation since 2014. Goodgame has worked his marketing magic to make True Value one of the most successful stores in Chicago. The company recently posted quarterly earnings that show a remarkable improvement since Goodgame took over as the head of merchandising and the VP. He is known for building the highly performing teams with skills at profit and loss management. His successful career as management specialist relates to his vast experience. Before he joined True Value, he worked at Ace Hardware as a Global Materials Manager. He has also worked at Home Depot, Black and Decker and RubberMaid Cleaning Products.

Besides his leadership skills, Goodgame is also known as a creative packaging and sales executive. He has the ability to transform an idea into something functional. He always empowers members of his team to make a significant contribution to the company. With Mr Ken Goodgame at its top, True Value is on its way to increased growth in Chicago’s competitive market. Mr Goodgame is available on Twitter and Facebook.

A Glance at Crystal Hunt

One could say Crystal Hunt was practically born into the entertainment industry. At just six months, she entered the industry and began acting and singing lessons as a child. At two years old, she entered pageants and used acting as her talent. She was never afraid to be the center of attention on a stage or the shot of a camera, and one of her earliest roles was in “Problem Child 2.” She went on to also star in commercials, eventually working with big names such as NSYNC and even Tom Hanks at a young age.

Her biggest role has been of Lizzie Spaulding in the television show Guiding Light.  Crystal Hunt was also nominated for Soap Opera Digest Award for her role the same year. Guiding Light first aired on June 30, 1952 and ended on September 18, 2009. Cystal Hunt was on the show from 2003 to 2006.

She also had a role in the television show “One Life To Live.” Guiding Light first aired on June 30, 1952 and ended on September 18, 2009. Most recently, Crystal Hunt had a role in Magic Mike XXL, which achieved box office success. She also created her own feature-film back in 2014, Talbot County, with her longtime friend Dania Ramirez. Currently, she co-stars on the American-scripted reality show “Queens of Drama,” which first aired April 26, 2015.