Marc Sparks-Not Your Average Entrepreneur

Spark Tank, which was first introduced by Lynne Sipiora and Marc Sparks, is a specific process that gifts grants and mentoring to non-profit organizations that are committed to giving back to the community. Groups in the Dallas/Fort Worth area known for their philanthropy can present their proposals to Spark Tank for the chance to get an initial grant of $5,000 in order to help fund their cause.

The Spark Tank team is happy to announce Mommies in Need as the winner of the second Spark Tank grant. Mommies in Need is committed to providing much needed nannies to families who are in desperate need of childcare due to unfortunate circumstances but are unable to pay for it. Mommies in need can offer families a qualified nanny to take care of their children at no cost.

Mommies in Need is already putting their grant to good use and they are searching for a bilingual nanny and already have a nanny trained in providing special needs childcare. They are also spreading the word that they have more openings to help more families in need.

Spark Tank applicants need to be in operation for at least two years in order to qualify for a Spark tank grant. They also need to present their case within 10 minutes and they have 10 minutes to answer questions after the presentation. Then the panel can evaluate each organization based on their story, the impact that the organization is promising to give, and their ability to prove their results.

The whole point of the Spark Tank is to not only help the community that needs it most, but to foster leadership among non-profit organizations. Many potential non-profit organizations fail because they don’t know how to share their story or simply how to ask for a grant. Marc wants the program to spark success.

Marc sparks is an entrepreneur out of Dallas who owns his own office and builds companies. He is involved with the community and has been supporting the success of The Samaritan Inn homeless shelter since the eighties. He is the author of the book, “They Can’t Eat You,” and he wrote the book in hopes that he can help other aspiring entrepreneurs. Although he has become quite successful from a rough beginning, he is still very humble and grateful for his success. His mix of qualities have contributed greatly to his success.

Marc has a passion for helping others out and spreading good. He’s into helping others who want to help themselves and has a strong involvement with humanitarian programs like Habitat for Humanity. He is also a supporter of magnet high schools and he helps at-risk kids through his “Sparky’s Kids” foundation.






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